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A little Valentine Party

Our little valentine party has come and gone … 


vparty8 vparty2








but we are already looking forward to next year!

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Just Some Random Pictures.

Hello & Happy Ash Wednesday!  Thought I would just share a few photos taken in the past week or so. 












Happy Lent!

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Boy Valentine’s Day Shirts.

I finally caved … I made the ever popular neck tie shirts for the boys.  I have never liked them, don’t even know why really, just thought they were not as cute as everyone else thought they were.  I don’t know what happened exactly but when I saw one (somewhere) that had a heart for valentine’s day I softened and decided that I needed to make them.


Sorta fun to make TWO boy shirts this time.  Baby Ambrose will be drowning in his much too big for a 4 month old shirt but I bet he will be adorable. Did my traditional simple stitching which I gotta say adds a little something extra.

Evelyn declined my offer for a fun new valentines shirt and insists on wearing a mostly terrible purple shirt I picked up second-hand that has a huge sparkle heart on it.  Pretty certain there are worse things but seriously … purple sparklies?  Sigh.

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From the stitching room.

Evelyn is hosting a little valentine’s party next week and so I have been creating.  I really love to plan a party.  So planning and thinking and most importantly … sewing! … has been happening.  It’s been a stitch filled week.

All this sewing business started earlier this week when I had an idea to make some little tote bags for the little guests with a heart on them.  I searched & searched for scraps of fabric the right size and before I knew it I had nearly all of them cut … when … when I came across just enough fabric for my 8 bags that had little hearts on it.  So of course I ditched the already cut bags and began cutting new ones.  It just seemed fun to have them all matching instead of all different.  In the  ended I did use the inside fabric from the ones I cut first though so all my work wasn’t wasted. 


They are cute … if I do say so myself. 

But actually before all those bags I made some simple fabric covers for my diaper boxes on my craft room shelves.  I couldn’t get a great photo of the shelves since it is late but basically, there are 12 boxes on two shelves.  They each have a little vinyl pocket so that I can change the contents of the box and the tag. 


Took a little time but they are done.  They are not perfect but did I mention they are done?  I have 4 boxes that are shorter but made the covers to fit the larger box once the baby hits size 3’s and I can stock up.  Each box is different and is made up of 2 different prints. They are all random and well, I love random in the craft room.

So after those two projects were complete, I decided to sew some new library bags for the kids.  I started them at about 11pm last night after the valentine’s day party bags were done … they sewed up in less than a half an hour.  Did they “need” new bags?, um … well not really but it sure is nice to have new big ones.  Especially since tomorrow morning is the long-awaited Story Time at the library.  They measure 18 inches across and about 12 inches high.  Mathias has a fun orange inside and Evelyn’s is red & white polka dots.  Since I had to piece the robots I added hearts to Evelyn’s so it didn’t look so plain.  Really fun bags.


Have I mentioned that I love to sew bags.

Then today I thought it would be fun to have a little party gift for the Mom’s bringing their little girls to the valentine’s day party.


Just a dish towel with some cute hearts.


I am still stitching … and still loving it … I think I might have a problem.

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Bald Baby Dolls.

I put Ambrose in his bumbo chair today for the first time and the kids immediately gave him a baby doll and Mathias’s blanket … then started a photo shoot.  Wonder where they learned that?






So obviously the baby that had locks and locks of black hair when he was born has since lost most of it.  It’s ok though because not only is he still adorable … he matches the baby dolls around here.

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A little Valentines Day Craft

Everyday Miss Evelyn asks “are we doing a craft today Mom?” and most days I say “probably not”.  But this day I decided to be nice. 


It does happen from time to time, that nice thing. 



The girl LOVES to create (I don’t blame her) … and make goofy faces at the camera.





A couple sheets of paper, some red doilies that I inherited with this old farmhouse (can you beleive I saved them for 6 years!? … I knew I would use them someday), some sticker hearts and lady bugs (best 2 bucks I have spent … beats glue anyday), and they were creating up a storm. 






We actually made two crafts this day but I have yet to photograh the other one.  Maybe someday.

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Could it be? … a new post from me?

Surprise! My computer works today … I know right? it has been months since I have been able to do more than e.mail and even that hasn’t worked consistently.  But for some reason today it works and I figured that I would put a little something here for my one or two readers that might be left. 

That adorable baby is sleeping but not for much longer before he needs to be fed so I will be brief in my update of sorts and just post a few (or ten) pictures.  Too much has happened in the past nearly 4 months since I have been able to write here and touching on bits and peices won’t do how much has happened enough justice so we will just pretty much start fresh with a little tiny glimpse into the past few months.

Ambrose … what can I say?  Sigh.  He is just such a joy and we are so blessed to have him. 







Four months have flown by. 

Evelyn and Mathias are great … growing like weeds.  It is rare to find one without the other.



FOUR!  Can you belive that?


There have been lots of crafts, lots of sewing, lots of cooking, cleaning, & organizing.


my craftroom is still my happy place! 

So I guess in a nutshell, we are good … very good. 


Thanks for stopping by!  Just maybe my internet will behave now?, a girl can hope.

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Long overdue update.

Have a few minutes at the library so here I am with a couple little things to update.

Today is my due date … and tomorrow Ambrose Leo will be one month old.


So yep, had that baby early and though most of my few readers already know, for the couple that don’t, here you go.


He is fantastic. 

In other news, our computer is still out of commission … huge bummer … but I am getting used to it.

Still canning too … finished the last of the carrots and potatoes the other day, just one more batch of apples to go!  I can’t wait to get all that canning stuff out of my kitchen.

Well the kids are picking out books and my time is running out so I better jet … no promises as to when I might be back here but you never know! 

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Canning 2012 … stats.

So I don’t forget … what has been canned this year in the old farm kitchen.

Salsa                    18 pints

Pizza Sauce         12 pints

Spaghetti Sauce   42 quarts

Applesauce           107 quarts

Apple Pie Filling     21 quarts

Yet to be completed is Apple Butter … time will tell when that is done but it’s definitely on the “to do with those winter apples” list.

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From the stitching room.

I am back at the library as we are still not able to connect to anything at home with the exception of e.mails.  Just watned to post a couple of pictures of a couple sewing projects I did awhile back.  I only have 2 minutes remaining!  :)  See how fast I can go. 

Some crayon/coloring book bags.



And some aprons for the littles.




All is well here … baby still growing, vegetables still being processed into pretty jars, and the normal day in and day out stuff that we call life. 

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