Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 12, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

Hello!  :)

So, I have always thought that it would be so cool to have a blog …. but since I am such a procrastinator I just never got around to finding out what I had to do to get one.  Turns out that it is a very easy process.  Of course!  So here I am, starting out as a blogger with no idea what I am doing.  My plan is to share our life on the farm.  Becoming a farm-girl has been great so far, even with it’s many adventures and I trust that there will be many more adventures to come.  That’s our farm on the homepage of this blog … I took that while on my way to bail some hay.  Believe it or not I got pretty good at bailing hay this summer.  Since it was my first summer on the farm I learned a lot of new things.  I might do some reminiscing in the next couple weeks to catch you up on my first summer as a farm-girl and on top of all that, a new wife!  It’s been a great ride so far … I hope that you travel with me on the rest of the journey.  



  1. Good for you, Steph! I’m looking forward to reading this:)

  2. I’ll add you to my daily blog reading! I’ve considered starting a blog, too, but I think I’d become quickly addicted to it.

    I’m excited to actually know one of the bloggers I’m reading! Does this make me cool? Yeah, probably not . . .

  3. I am a blog addict! You learn the ropes then pass along the tips…I have always wanted to blog!

    This will be great fun!

  4. I have no idea what a “blog” is or what it means, but I will be reading you! :) Thanks for sharing it with us, Steph.

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    Very cool. Being the farm-girl as a girl, it will be interesting to hear your perspective as an adult who is new to the farm. :)

  6. Whats a blog and how big do they get? What do they eat? Can you sell them when they are full grown? Will a blog come when you call it? I hope they can be house broke!

  7. Kate and Alex excitedly said “Uncle Loren’s Farm!” when I opened up the blog site. What a great idea to journal and update all on your adventures on the farm. I’ll look forward to hearing about all your shared experiences and adventures!

  8. Congratulations on your new site! Look forward to catching up on the happenings at the farm! Logan’s at preschool right now but I’ll show him tonight! He had a great time there this past summer. Cheers, Linda

  9. Hi Aunty Poofer! I hope I get to come over to the farm soon! Keep on with your cool website! See you soon!

  10. Geez that was fast!
    I didn’t even have a chance to answer your questions, but you figured it out all by yourself.

  11. Sw00t! This be cool, i can see what’s up on the farm without talking to you =) just kiddin!

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments! This should be fun I think … I am hoping to keep up with it and keep it interesting. :)

    Mom … you were the first one to respond! I don’t know that you get a very exciting prize or anything, but it’s gotta count for something.

    Diane … I think that you are cool! :)

    Tina … you should blog! I bet that you have lots of fun stories with all those girls in your house.

    Jeri … I am surprised that you haven’t read any blogs. You will be writing one before we know it.

    Krisanne … It will be interesting to see how life on the farm now differs from your days here … but chances are good there will be similar stories.

    Dad … you are such a funny man! Oh my did that make me laugh.

    Josie … I am glad that the kids got to see the farm and they recognized it! I will be posting lots of pictures so they should enjoy that.

    Linda … good to hear from you! :) I hope that Logan will enjoy the farm photo’s too.

    Graedon … Hi buddy! :) I am glad that you read my blog. I hope that you can come and visit the farm again soon. We’ll see you Sunday!

    David … yeah I am sorta impulsive! I will think about suff for a long time but then when I decide to do it I just go for it.

    Devan … Oh you are funny. Your comment seriously made me laugh.

    Thanks everyone. Have a great day! :)

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