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Apples … Apples … Apples …


Tis the season for apples – the fall season that is.  On the farm we have 2 large apple trees that are close to 30 years old.  Though we don’t know the exact varieties of the trees we know that one is a summer apple used mostly for applesauce because it is a soft apple and a winter apple which is much more dense in nature and will last a long time through the fall and winter if stored properly. 


This year was a great year for apples.  We had a very full tree and they were very healthy.  Loren’s uncle David gave him the suggestion to put wood ashes at the base of the trees in the spring to prevent worms and bugs from eating them.  So this past winter we saved our ashes from the woodstove and in the spring Loren poured about 5 gallons of ashes around the base of eachtrunk.  Turns out that Uncle David is a smart man … he would not disagree with this.  :)   The apples were perfect!  Beautiful really. 


The thing about apples is that they don’t stay beautiful forever.  They need to be preserved.  So we make applesauce with the summer apples.   The past two summers before Loren and I were married I would visit the farm and help with some canning.   So this year, even though it was my first summer as a farm girl I had some experience in this area of farm life.  

So when the apples were ready to pick I picked them … I picked a lot of apples.   Here is a picture of most of them, I think that we ended up with about one and a half  more large buckets the next day when Loren got the ladder out for the ones high on the tree. 


Then I made applesauce … lots and lots of applesauce.  The process isn’t too difficult, just time consuming. 


I ended up with 79 quarts of applesauce!  That is A LOT of applesauce.  Guess what your getting for Christmas this year?  :) 




  1. Beautiful pictures, Stephanie! I can relate to the work you’ve put into that applesauce…but oh how woth it it was when I had it with pork roast or chops in the long cold winter. Mott’s just doesn’t taste the same. Have you ever made apple butter?

  2. Thanks. :) I love to take them.

    Nope, I haven’t ever made apple butter. So tell me though … from one farm girl to another … Is it easy?

  3. Apple butter is so yummy on buttered wheat toast. I bet you could find a recipe on the net. I know it contains less water than applesauce so it probably needs to be simmered on the stove?

    The pictures are outstanding. Oh does it bring back memories including the sink full of apples. When I was in college my roomate spent 2 weeks on the farm in the summer with us. We made applesauce while she was there. She said she had never worked so hard in all of her life. I didn’t realize she was exhausted until she told me years later. When I ask my kid’s if they want applesauce they always preface it to be sure it is not store purchased and from your farm.

    Kate would be old enough next year to help out when you make it, so if you want some help and the experience of little hands helping we would love to come up. Let us know!

  4. I think the recipe I used was baked on a low heat in the oven. I found this guide online:
    This version is closer to what I used to use, but I didn’t put the lemon in, but I remember it having vinegar.

  5. Josie … we would love to have you guys at any time. :) Kate really would enjoy the process I think.

    Jeri … thanks for the recipes. I will let you know how it turns out.

  6. Yup, the trees were planted in 1978. There were four of them originally. The very best one crtalked after abouit 12 years. It had hard or firm apples and they were much bigger than any on the present two trees. The other tree died , or quit living a few years later. Hope your other trees will survive and replace these two in a few years as they are on the autum of “apple tree life”

    I just got corrected. Bev says we actually planted 5 trees that year. Ol dufferitis on memory I guess.

    Yesireeeee, dem der sure are purdy pictures or “Bilden” as they say in Deutschland

  7. veteran haymaker … when I was picking those apples the other day I thought that we needed to send you guys a thank you note for planting the trees! We are blessed to have so many apples now. So thanks for planting and thinking about the future! :)

  8. […] Last year I had lots and lots of beautiful shots of apples to share.  Remember?  Last season was a great apple tree season with both of our 30 year old trees producing lots of […]

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