Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 18, 2007

cookies … sorta


So today we are scheduled to start a detox … It hasn’t actually started quite yet … not until that first glass of green stuff is made will I say it has officially started.  So when that happens I will post about that seperately because well, it isn’t pretty and I don’t want to take anything away from yet another deliciously yummy and rediculously simple recipe!  :) 

In Preporation for our big detox (should last about two weeks) I decided that we needed a final hoorah treat and well … I had very little in the house to bake with.  I swore off baking the end of August until Christmas because we were consuming way to many sweets.  The rule is, if we are taking it out of the house and none will come back then we can bake. 

I use the term “we” here quite loosley.  If “we” is used in much of anything that is connected with the kitchen, the house, or cleaning, you can pretty much bet that it is a “me”.  However, if I use the tern “we” when it is connected to the cattle, the barn, or the chickens, then that would be “not me, but he”.  :)  There are always exceptions to the rule, but generally you can use those guidelines.

So no baking … that is the rule, until that is, we (in this case we really does mean we … so complicated huh?) decided on the detox and when I remembered that it was going to be a good couple of weeks digesting only raw foods and some not so tasty liquids I broke the rule.  Yep, I am a rule breaker … I admit it.  And actually, they are “no-bake” cookies so “technically” I am not a real rule breaker … just sorta.  I am so great at justifying. 


Wanna try some?  … they are yummy. 

All you gotta do is take 1/2 cup of butter, 1 and 1/4 cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of milk and bring it to a rolling boil for one minute.  Add the hot mixture to 3 cups of oatmeal and 1/3 cup cocoa and mix.  Place spoonfulls of mixture on wax paper and let cool. 


We had these cookies lots when we were growing up.  Not too sure if they are really a cookie but that is what they are … even though they are more like a candy sorta … either way they are good and I always liked them as a kid.  There were lots of times when one of the budding young cooks of the family would try to make them and they would either never set or they were more then cooked and crystalized.  Who say’s you can’t eat them with a spoon? … it was all good even if we failed.  Fortunately I can follow directions now and I know that when it says “a rolling boil for one minute” you gotta time it …. even if you don’t believe in using timers like me.   

Try ’em out if you like and if you do, think of me as I will be crunching on some raw veggies and washing them down with green stuff! 




  1. I’m not sure what ‘detox’ is or why you need to drink green stuff, but I’m all for the final hoorah of eating these cookies! I’m on a ‘bland’ diet for the week, no raw veggies or anything of the sort so I must be “retoxing?” heh Those oats wouldn’t be allowed though, no high fiber foods. Dang.

  2. I posted a little more on the detox. Thanks for your support on the final hoorah! Bland diet sounds yucky too. Good luck with that! Maybe you can make the cookies when you are done “retoxing” … your so funny.

  3. We used to make the same cookies and we called them “no bake” cookies. the fact you have to boil the stuff to make them stick makes them baking to me so I think you are correct about baking! Alex had a cookie this morning and he said “you know where cookies come from? They come from Uncle Loren’s and Aunt Stephanie’s farm from the cookie tree”. Has Loren been hiding that cookie tree from all of us for all these years? Where is that yummy tree?

    Since you started your blog I kept thinking I would receive an e-mail update that you posted and haven’t hence I haven’t been staying up on the blog. Oopps. I must have not checked or clicked on something. Is there someway to receive updates via mail?

    Lastly I must say that you are taking awesome pictures of the farm! That little (ok more like big) camera is serving you well! It actually has many more features if you know cameras than any of the smaller digitals they make now.

  4. Josie … yep we called the cookies “no bake” as well. Loren said that he remembers them. We will have to find out where that cookie tree is around here! Yum. Ha. Alex makes me laugh. I have no idea if you can be notified when I post something … I haven’t seen it anywhere? Yeah the camera has been great! I didn’t realize that I would use it so much. There are lots of very pretty moments out here though so I am glad that we have it … thanks much!

  5. I’m sorry that I’m replying to all these old posts but I am so enjoying your blog that I started at the beginning and I’m going forward so as not to miss anything. Thank goodness you haven’t been blogging for years as some the other blogs I read have.

    Anyway…we called these boiled cookies and I can well remember one of my sisters making these a LOT and she never cooked them properly either. We ate them off the waxed paper with spoons too! Too funny. I’m writing down this recipe so my daughter can learn to fail at them LOL!! Maybe they should be called Failing Cookies?!

  6. Rose … that is ok that you are responding to old posts. I am happy that you enjoy reading them. :) I think that calling the cookies Failing Cookies is a great idea. Makes me want to make some cause they sound good all of a sudden … even if I end up eating them with a spoon. Ha.

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