Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 18, 2007


As I stated the other day, we are starting a 2-week detox.  A detox is the process of detoxifying your body.  Sometimes you will hear a detox referred to as a body flush.  It’s good for you, which means that it is generally not that enjoyable.  Last September I did a 30-day detox so I am sure that this 2-week one will be tolerable.  I will spare you too many details unless I hear a large cry for more details … ha.  I would be pretty surprised at that. 

So … the basics …

Week one we are doing a colon detox and week two will be a liver &  gallbladder detox.  It isn’t a pretty process … I think that you can use your imagination to discover why.  We won’t be eating fun food … just raw food.  Lots of veggies and fruits, no processed foods or cooked foods with the exception of boiled eggs.  We generally don’t consume processed food (unless we are at a family function or a potluck) in the first place so that won’t be an issue but we eat a lot of yummy homemade dishes that will be on hold for a bit. 

In addition to the raw foods we consume some other delightfully delicious drinks … if you are lucky I might just post some pictures of them … not for sympathy, but for proof that I actually do this healthy stuff. 

Detoxes aren’t fun, but they are good and healthy and a great time to reflect on what we eat and why we eat it.  When we were dating we committed to following through with detoxes twice a year … once in the fall and once in the spring.  Amazing how fast fall came up!  :)



  1. Have you started the detox yet? Hey think of the break you will get from cooking, now it is simply clean some veggies and blend some green muck. :) You’ll feel great and those of us eating cookies from your cookie tree will be wishing we hadn’t when you are feeling so well!

  2. So…do you think after years of abusing my poor body with food a detox for it would take months instead of weeks?? :P Doyou think a detox would work once I get over this bout of diverticulitis where I have to eat low fiber foods? It doesn’t sound very appetizing, I have to say…but I think one of the causes of diverticulosis is a diet too full of refined food. Yep…that’s mine…

  3. Josie … day 3 on the detox. So far so good, though we are planning our menu for our first full meal with cooked food already and we have 9 more days! Ha.

    Jeri … I think that most everyone could benefit from a detox. I don’t know as much as my husband on all that stuff, but if you wanted more info I am sure that he would share it with you. :)

  4. Add to that a 250 gallon royal flush

  5. veteran haymaker … ha! I had to have Loren help me with this one. Yep, the colonics are toomorrow. 250 gallon flush is a bit of a stetch since it is really only 25 gallons… I am pretty sure that I couldn’t survive 250 gallons of water through my system. Yuck .. the 25 is enough for this girl. :)

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