Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 21, 2007

Cozy Warm

It’s official … fall is here.  There are many indicators that fall is upon us, some being; the changing of the leaves, the chill in the air, the shorter days, and bright orange pumpkins for sale on the side of the road.  But on the farm you know that fall is here when you start a fire in the woodstove.  It has been cold enough to start a fire before today but we had a little bit of construction going on with the woodstove the past week. 



Procrastinators by nature put things off until the last minute … we like to think about things longer then the average non-pracrastinator.  Not surprisingly, when two procrastinators marry and share a home, they put things off until the last second!  Last winter it was discovered that the stovepipe needed to be cleaned out.  The stove wasn’t venting as well as it should, smoke was beginning to be an issue when the doors were opened and it wasn’t burning as efficiently as it should be.  But we muddled through … knowing that the job of removing the stovepipe would be messy and a bit more work then either of us ever wanted to do.  Our plan was to take care of it in the spring when we were done with the stove for the season.  Turns out that spring turned into summer and summer into fall more quickly than we had planned. 

So last week we had no choice, the house was cold and knowing that it would only get colder the decision was made to just get the job done.  




In as little time as it takes to unscrew 6 screws and pull the pipe from the wall, we had begun the process.   Within an hour Loren had cleaned out the pipe, climbed on the roof to check to make sure that the chimney was clear and we were done.  Well, we thought that we were done.  Ready to put the pipe back on it was discovered that the part of the chimney where the pipe goes needed some repair.  No big surprise since each and every project we have attempted to do in this house is bigger then we anticipate.  Of course I don’t remember “why” exactly we needed to patch what needed patching, but I do remember that it was going to take about a week.  A week is a long time in a cold house.  However, the weather warmed up a bit and the patchwork was handled the very next day, which would surprise most procrastinators.  The fact that Loren hates to be cold sped up the process.  The patchwork dried in about a week and we were ready to put the pipe back up.  A two-person job, we worked together and got the pipe back on and those 6 little screws back on tight.  The first fire was lit and the house is cozy warm.

Even with the small repair to patch the chimney the job of cleaning the stovepipe was not as much work as we anticipated and procrastinated over.  Would be nice if we would just take care of these small jobs right away.  I think that we have both been procrastinators much too long to change our ways, at least not anytime too soon … but maybe we’ll think about it.



  1. How humorous and honest! I was reminded of the many times your father and I struggled to put plastic over our 80 year old windows on No. 4th St. while wind whipped the plastic around, and there were snowflakes in the air:) After awhile we just went to the ones you put on the inside, and we could put it off even longer! Many a wall was painted and even carpet laid a day or so before a First Communion celebration because PEOPLE were coming to visit! The acorn really falls close to the tree.

  2. Well…I’m finishing the painting that I was going to do before our company for Easter this spring…I think I beat all of you in the procrastination department! haaaaa

  3. Loren said … “what?, she only planned to paint last spring and she has it done! That is great! … we have stuff from last winter to do that we have barely thought about!” Ha. Sorry but I think that maybe we have you beat on the procrastination thing there lady. :)

  4. Well dang…the only thing I can ever win is word games at showers…:D

  5. Make that ‘bridal and baby showers’ just in case anyone thinks I play word games while showering….

  6. Jeri … Ha. You make me laugh. But at least when you win at those games you get a lovely candle or even a set of notecards … when you win at being the biggest procrastinator all you get is a house full of “to do” projects that will unlikely make it off the list. Now that would be a fun reality tv show huh?, the biggest procrastinators. Like put them on a house project and watch them put everything off until the last minute. Fun. It would be a show about my life. :)

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