Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 21, 2007

Good Samaritan

The other night Loren got home from work a little late with a story.  Driving home on the cool night he noticed a man walking on the side of the highway … without a jacket, only a sweatshirt.  About a mile down the road he decided that he should really go and check to make sure that he couldn’t help him out.   In his mind he went back and forth as to whether or not it would be a wise choice considering it was 1:30 in the morning but he knew how cold it was and figured that if it were him, he would like to be checked on.  The image of him walking with the wind working against him couldn’t be forgotten so he turned around to see if he needed a ride. 

He came upon the man whom he quickly discovered had wisely chosen to walk home from the bar a mile or so back rather then drive.  At first the man said he would just keep walking because it wasn’t too far but Loren insisted that it was still another couple of miles to his destination, and that it was very cold out.  Deciding to take the offer of a ride he hopped in and they drove to the end of his driveway off the highway.  When I asked my Good Samaritan of a husband about the fact that he was a stranger on the road and that was somewhat of a risk to pick him up he replied … “yeah I thought about that, but then I thought about the fact that he was out on the highway in the freezing cold with only a sweatshirt and I figured that he was too stupid to be dangerous”. 



  1. It was nice of Loren to pick him up, and at least the man was smart enough not to drive when he’d had too much to drink! So that is two good things:)

  2. Too stupid or too desperate! But at least it turned out fine. It’s sad that we have to be worried about helping people out, not knowing whether they are really in need of help, or if they’d do something to harm us. My husband would undoubtedly do the same thing!

  3. It’s a good thing that Loren is nice cause I can’t say that I would have been … but then aren’t boys supposed to be more brave? :)

  4. Yup, boys are more brave or adventuresome. About 1962 I came back from a goings-on and drove throuigh Elrosa at around 1 AM. Two teenage girls were standing on the sidewalk near a closed bar. They looked scared and bewildered. I asked them if they were waiting for someone. They said that the boys they came sith had left them. I asked where they lived. They said “Willmar”. That is more than 30 miles from Elrosa. So I offered to take themn home. They said very little or nothing in the car and i asked about as much. I droped the forst one off and got a “thank you”. I suppose the other was scared if she was safe. When I got to her farm yard the light immediately went on in her house. I took off and wondered how much hell that young lady got. They had their share of adventure for that night.

  5. Great story! That was very nice of you, but I am sure that they were terrified. Loren said that he remembers being young and you picking up hitch-hickers. He must have gotten his generous spirit from you.

  6. Gotta say what goes around comes around. When I was woking at the Brainerd PO, one night in 1996, at about 11:40 PM my 1983 Ford stalled not far from the Tri-angle store. I got out, opened the hood and stood beside the car with my arm out trying to stop a car. At least 25 went by. Finally one car slowed down and drove past about a half block and turned around. The gal (alone) asked if I had trouble. I told her I needed a ride to the Brainerd Post office. My car stalled. She said she wouild give me a ride in.

    I asked her a few questions and found out she was about 28 years young and from Sebeka. She worked at Potlatch. I asked her what made her turn around. She said I looked safe. I thanked her for her generosity and help.

    The next morning I rode home with Arliss who lived and commuted from Parkers Prairie. I had gotten a local garage to tow it in and fix it which was then ready the next morning.

    What goes around comes around. She will get her reward, just like I did for doing the same. Sometimes one needs to risk not being a “fraidy-cat”. God sense should keep you from acting foolishly.

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