Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 23, 2007

Colonic Monday

Colonic Monday … not to be mistaken for just another Manic Monday is close at hand.  Before I know it I will be on the drive to get my colonic.  Now, a colonic isn’t really all that bad, it is just the thought of it that is bad.  As part of our colon detox … the final hooray one could say, is to schedule and participate in a colonic.   So what is it?, well … how do I say this without first of all appearing crazy for having one and secondly how do I explain it correctly so that you are not fearful of one …

Here is where Loren comes in. Looking for a more scientific explanation than I could come up with, I asked if he could sum up a colonic in one sentence.  He said and I quote “…a colonic is a royal flush … flushing out your large intestine with lots of water from the back end.” 

Enough said.  

Well, I just gotta add … I was asking Loren if I spelled colonic correctly and he said … “yep … it’s colon -(pause)- ic (like ick).  Ha.  How fitting.

Now that is officially enough said. 



  1. ummm….where exactly do you go to get your colonic….

  2. Jeri … very far away from you! :) We actually go to a little lady names Alvina in a smaller town then I am in … she was in on all this healthy stuff since the begining. But there are people around you I am sure.

  3. So are you feeling really flushed? I am betting you are feeling better than any of the rest of us. Actually many of the big movie stars pay a lot of money to go on a colonic retreat in which the food for 2 weeks is prepared for them and then they get their final colonic. Think of how much your last two weeks of colonic retreat has saved you. :)

    OK so I don’t get to reading through your site every time you post and I haven’t figured out yet how to have the site notify me of your postings. Oh well, I can catch up late. I loved the story about bailing hay. I also love the window photos. I must suggest that you start taking tons of photos when any of your nieces and nephews visit. I am betting you would capture some awesome moments. You definitely are gifted with the camera. I can’t imagine how long it takes to upload them to the net. I do remember from that camera if you have it on the lower setting, it takes less time although the photo is not as high of quality. Your blog is an especially neat diary of many experiences and sites we all grew up with. Thanks for caputuring it. :) Josie (and all the Heinze in-laws). :)

  4. Yup, a royal flush is a 250 galon enema.

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