Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 23, 2007

Window Joy

I love to take pictures of windows.

I will notice a window around the farm in one of the out buidings and need to take a photo.

There are windows that I have yet to photograph.

One day I was walking with Loren and I noticed a window that I hadn’t noticed before. I said “oh I didn’t know that there was a window there, I will have to take a picture sometime”. Looking at the camera in my hand he gave me a look as to say “ummm … why not take it now?”. I said “I can’t take one yet though … that window hasn’t spoken to me yet”. With that comment he was speechless yet again but his look spoke volumes. I continued talking before he could because that is what I do and I said “did you know that you have wife that hears windows speak?”. Looking ahead he simply said “nope … I had NO idea about that one”.

These are some of the windows that I have heard thus far. 



  1. So, this one still has me laughing. Those are pretty cool windows, though:) I love the one with 8 little panes. Your dad said, with an expression no doubt similar to Loren’s “maybe she’s been on the farm too long.” Must be a girl thing:)

  2. Ha. I really don’t take them until I know that I should, sounds wierd I know … but what can I say?, if it is a girl thing then I am all for that being the excuse. :)

  3. Where in creation is that open window. Can not recognize it!!!!!!!!!! Don’t believe that is on “fromthegroundup”

  4. You are right … it is at Nelson’s! I wasn’t trying to trick you or anything, I just had that photo and I liked it. :)

  5. Can you share with us just what they say to you?? I think a group of paintings of those windows would be really neat….

  6. I love your Photos of the windows. I agree with Aunt Jeri, they would look lovely displayed together….say in you foyer or down a well lit hall….perhaps going up a staircase, that would be fun :<)

  7. Jeri … pretty much they say … “hey, take my picture!” Ha.

    rosiewhimsy … thanks for the compliment on the photos! :) That is very kind. I could put those photos in my livingroom maybe … my old farm house doesn’t have a foyer, a well lit hall or a staircase that people can view. Ha. Great idea though.

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