Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 26, 2007


With the new chill in the air it is evident that summer has officially left us.  In thanksgiving of the beauty of summer …








  1. Nice pictures.

    So, has it snowed yet?


  2. Beautiful! I especially love the little inch worm on the flower, which I didn’t notice til the 3rd time I looked at it. If he had moved an inch he’d have fallen off!:) The daycare bunch had a “worm party “in the play yard this morning. Yesterday they discovered the worms they had collected in the dump truck on Friday were no longer squirming after the weekend. I didn’t ask what the party was for, not really wanting to know, but maybe it was a worm wake. Guess I’ll worm my way out of here.

  3. Is the 400 supposed to be herding or watching the boys and girls in the pasture?

  4. David … thanks. Nope, no snow yet! :)

    Mom … that is pretty funny.

    Leo … the tractor was just watching the cattle as you and Loren were unloading hay onto the pile in the pasture.

  5. Very nice pictures!
    David, did it snow there yet? It’s still hot down here south of you. :)

  6. Very nice pictures. You captured summer perfectly. May I ask what camera you are using? I’m shopping for one.

  7. Rose … I have an old camera that my sister-in-law gave us after she upgraded. It is a Canon Power Shot G1 … it is big and bulky and sorta slow at taking the shots … but it was free and it takes great photo’s. :)

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