Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 27, 2007


On Tuesday I spent the day with my sister-in-law working on a rather large canning project.  The plan was to make a bunch of apple pie filling and can it for Christmas gifts.  The task was a big one since I had picked some apples at the neighbors and also some here at the farm from our winter apple tree.  We had plenty of apples to keep us busy for hours.  I  needed to be in town on Monday evening so it was decided that I would stay an extra day. 


I got to the house and was greeted by Ms. Maeve … (the shot is a bit blurry because she was waving … and jumping … ahhhh, how cute!) who was all ready to help in her apron and hat.   Turns out that she didn’t help as much as she would steal apples, take a couple bites and run back in for another one.  Apples with little bites were scattered throughout the house. 


I unloaded the car which involved 3 brown grocery bags of the neighbors apples, 2 – 6 gallon buckets of our winter apples, several boxes of jars, the canner, sugar & spices, and lots of odds and ends.  We jumped in with 2 feet … peeling and chopping apples, washing jars, making the pie filling sauce, and eventually filling jars with the yummy pie filling.  We canned the first batch, which totaled 14 quarts with 2 canners busy working.  While the first batch was being processed we kept right on working with peeling and cutting most of the 3 bags of the neighbors apples.  Apples were everywhere and we were feeling pretty confident with our work.


After a short break for dinner (which was delicious!) our confidence was shaken and we realized that all of our efforts would soon be a waste of time.   For dessert Bethany took a bit of the prepared apple pie filling that was leftover from our first batch, made a crumb topping and prepared a batch of apple crisp.  It looked great … and tasted, well … it tasted a bit over-cooked, almost like applesauce.  Remembering that this small amount of pie filling hadn’t been though the process of canning we knew that we might be in trouble.  So we took a jar from the counter that we had been admiring though dinner and looked a bit closer.  The apple chunks were breaking down into little bits of over-cooked apples.  Not a happy sight. 


Knowing that we had a problem and knowing that these particular apples would not make canned apple pie filling, we tried to come up with a plan for the piles and piles of apples around the kitchen.  After much brainstorming, we decided on apple butter.  All the jars were emptied and the mush of the contents inside were blended in the food processor and poured into a roaster to be cooked down.  The end of the story is yet to be told … when I left town the roaster was filled to the brim with 20 quarts of pureed apples.  The apples that were intended to make beautiful apple pie filling that had been carefully peeled and cored and chopped were now all pureed into a large mass of mush. 


Mush was not the plan.  Guess what you are NOT getting for Christmas this year!?



  1. That’s too bad that all your hard work wasn’t rewarded, but maybe the apple butter will make a good gift too, double the love in preparing it. I’ll try to act surprised:) VERY cute pictures of Maeve, though. She looked like she enjoyed the day.

  2. So how did the apple butter turn out??

  3. well … I talked to Bethany last night and she said that it tasted good. When I said “Loren thought it would be more like apple paste then butter.” she said “ummm … yeah it might be.” So I guess I don’t know for sure since I haven’t seen it but it will be good enough to use at the farm I am sure. :) Our standards are pretty low. Ha.

  4. Apple Butter is kind of a misnomer anyway, I think. To me, butter is fat and melts when you put it on something warm. I suppose it could have a ‘buttery texture’…creamy rather than pasty…but I think Apple Spread would be a better name for it. And I just KNOW you always want to hear my opinion! :D

  5. Jeri … Oooh yeah! I love that idea of calling it apple spread … very good! You are smart. Makes it sound a bit better then apple paste. Ha. There would have been a chance that people would use the apple paste for children’s craft projects instead of for a refreshing treat on warm toast. :)

  6. I’m laughing at using the apple paste for children’s crafts…but at least if they ate it, there should be no toxicity! Every class does seem to have it’s paste eater…when I was in school it tasted like mint…NOT that I was the paste eater!!

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