Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 28, 2007

Summer Farm Kids











The End



  1. How cute! ALL of them. When I saw the one of Devan filling the chicken feeder I thought, “why was my brother Michael at the farm?” The little Heinze grandkids looking at the cows and helping gather eggs were sweet, and I could imagine Loren patiently explaining things to them:)

  2. I’d agree that all those pictures are real gems. They look better on a computer screen than they do in 3 by 5 prints.

  3. Love them! Makes me remember the ‘good ol’ days’ but I guess now I’m living the good new days…or new different days. :) Pictures of snow will remind me of what I like better down south!

  4. Pictures of snow will be here sooner then we think! :)

  5. I am betting all of the nieces and nephews and little visitors will have fond memories of “picking” eggs for years to come. To Alex everything grows on a tree so it is “picked” however he knows all eggs come from Uncle Loren and Aunt Stephanie’s farm. I’m sure they will all also remember the little rain boots they are required to wear (which I am glad of). Great photos. :)

  6. All sweet! Love the barn boots heee!!

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