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So the term brilliant is still on my mind after I posted on Saturday promising something brilliant.  What is brilliant? … is it something witty, something awe inspiring, something fantastic, something humorous, or maybe even something thought provoking?  I can’t really pinpoint what the term means to me … so I thought that maybe Webster could explain it, this is what the dictionary states …

Brilliant – adj…. 1: very bright: glittering  2a: Striking, Distinctive  2b. distinguished by unusual mental keenness or alertness.  Brilliant – n … a gem (as a diamond) cut in a particular form with numerous facets so as to have special brilliance.  

Interesting, but it didn’t help me much.  So as I was thinking about the term I realized that the dictionary I was holding held a story.  First of all, I wouldn’t have a dictionary if I were still single … I vaguely recall having one years and years ago but not one with a story.  But my home has one, and surprisingly enough we use it often … especially when we disagree on the meaning of a word.  Ha.  That happens a lot around here.  

Here is our dictionary.


Makes me smile each time I see it.  It reminds me of my husband.  Loren is a man who takes pride in doing the right thing.  He believes in being a steward of the land, of only having enough “stuff’ that one needs, and taking care of what you have. 

The dictionary was given to my husband from his parents for his birthday on August 27th, 1985 … he was 16 years old. 

Loren loved the dictionary. 

Now, Loren was a smart kid … really smart … which makes him a smart adult as well.  He knew that this gift was special … a brand new dictionary meant something to him and so he took the time to cover it with a brown paper sack to protect his new gift.  I can just imagine him taking the time to do it right … he even thought to make the cover a tad bit more “official” looking with the red marker border.  Amazingly the paper is still on that dictionary.  Oh sure, it is a bit worn on parts but considering it has been around for over 22 years, been packed in boxes between colleges, and moves to 5 different states, and has resided on numerous bookshelves and desks, it has definitely stood the test of time.  I love the fact that it made its way back home, to the very place where it was gifted. 

At the time that Loren carefully covered his new gift I am not sure that he ever imagined that his new wife would find value in it; enough value to write about a simple dictionary, but I do.  This simple covered dictionary tells me something. It gives me a glimpse into Loren’s life as a young man.  I know very few 16 year olds who would appreciate a gift of a dictionary, even 2 decades ago but I truly appreciate that the man that I married did.   He respected not only his gift, but the value that it held to him.

I imagine that this 1985 dictionary will have its place in this home for years to come.  We hope that it will be helpful in future games of scrabble, guiding young minds in homework, and even possibly settling an argument or two between a husband and a wife. 

So this dictionary in which we behold might not be brilliant; not striking, or glittering, or even distinctive, but it is a gem to us, a jewel that we cherish even in its simple and ordinary fashion.  To us it holds a story … a story of appreciation, of respect and of great care … and that to a simple farm-girl is brilliant. 



  1. You are sweet, your Loren is blessed to have you.

  2. I agree with your sister:)

  3. You guys are sweet too! :)

  4. Ah…this sweetness is hurting my teeth! haaa just kidding. Simple can be brilliant…simply brilliant…and even the simple minded such as me can have brilliant flashes of insight. I think it’s brilliant of me to read your blog and get simple pleasure from doing so. Okay, I’ll shut up now. :D

    This is a very good introspective piece on the meaning of that dictionary though…in my simple opinion… ;)

  5. Just think, the “book-giver” Beverly had no idea that this particular book would be the subject of a lengthy appreciative comment by “Mrs” Loren. Very interesting.

  6. Jeri … you a re so witty! Simply witty would be more appropriate. Ha :)

    Veteran hayaker … I was even surprised that I could find something to say about that dictionary. I am sure that Loren and Bev are equally surprised that 22 years late it could be a subject for a story.

  7. Yes I remember Loren receiving that dictionary. The Heinze family had a way of giving/receiving very practical things. You’ll have to ask him if he still has his microscope. When Dad worked at Purina, he would earn points that could purchase items in a special catalog. We were each alotted so many points and Loren picked out a microscope. He shared it with all of us and we had a great time looking at our cheek cells. I would be interested to know if it is still around.

  8. Josie … oh that is funny. Knowing Loren there is a good chance that gift is still around as well. I will have to ask him.

  9. Brilliant post!

  10. Rose … thank you very much. :)

  11. […] played 3 rounds and the last two Loren decided to use good old “brilliant” … which we decided was not very fair.  It was on the table however with the scrabble […]

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