Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Martha!

It is my very good friend Martha’s birthday today!  Whoo- hoo!  I don’t know if she wants you to know that she is the big 25 today … but oh well! 

I have been fortunate to know Martha for lots of years … I think it is about 12 years.  She was just a young junior high kid when I started helping out with youth ministry.  She was much the same then as now; strong, committed, faithful, and as fun as they come!  


Neither one of us ever thought that so many years later we would become such great friends.  Oddly enough, we are very much alike even though we are close to a decade apart in age.  Many kids in our work with youth though the years have thought that we are sisters.  Martha would play into that and she would stretch the truth even farther and tell them we were twins.  Sadly, youth are quite gullible.  So for the record, we aren’t twins or even sisters, but I don’t mind that people think we are sisters.

So today is her day, and I hope that it is fantastic!  I am blessed and grateful to know her and to call her friend. 

Happy Birthday Lady.  :)



  1. Happy birthday, Martha! You are both blessed to have a friendship that will no doubt last a lifetime. Maybe it’s the ‘fifth child’ connection that gave you an edge:) I’ve enjoyed having you on the periphery of our family for so many years.

  2. […] to the chapel … but you need a dress first of course! So my friend Martha is getting married.  This isn’t “new news” since the whole engagement happened […]

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