Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 4, 2007

Who needs a ladder …

“Who needs a ladder when you have a 2 year old?” as stated by my brother-in-law last weekend as we picked apples of the winter apple tree.  Here are some photos.  He is just about as cute as they come … don’t you think? 





He had a wonderful time helping pick the apples … can you tell?  Ha. 

Oh, and we never did get out the ladder.  



  1. Brian must be pretty stong to hold him above his head for any length of time! I’m glad those big boots didn’t slip off and hit him in the face:) Gabe looks like he’s thrilled to help and very proud of himself. Did he eat any?

  2. Mom … I don’t think that he did eat any .. that is funny, I hadn’t thought of that! Not like little Ms. Maeve did. :) It was pretty much an up and down process since he could only hold one or maybe two apples. He did have a fun time.

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