Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 5, 2007

Finding Beauty in Fall

It’s Fall.  I went on a “find the beauty in fall” walk the other day and I found a few shots that were pretty to me.   Finding beauty in fall is much more difficult then I figured it would be.  Summer is simple … fall a little tougher … I suppose winter will be even more of a challenge.  :) 







Happy Fall!



  1. I love the bottom one with the vine climbing up the tree. At first I thought the fuschia colored leaves were flowers on the 4th one down. There is beauty in all seasons, sometimes it’s harder to find. I always liked “diamond trees” in the winter, when they’d sparkle in the morning sun after being frosted over during the night. Especially if I was seeing them out the window of our cozy house, rather than being outside in the cold!

  2. Funny, I was going to comment how much I loved the vine covered tree trunk, too! I think fall is one of the most beautiful of seasons, especially in our area. The sky seems a deeper blue, and when the leaves fall we can see all the intricate branches again, which I imagine to be mirrored down below by the root system. I love winter too, especially when the air is full of sparkly ice crystals or the trees covered in frost or laden down with snow. I guess I have learned to appreciate the seasons more all the time!

  3. Very good pictures (with all the entries). I just read all the back dated entries. You are a good writer and this is very entertaining. It will be so fun to look back at these years in the future, too. What a great history documenting device. :)

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