Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 9, 2007

Grinding Feed


Tuesday morning we went to the neighbors to grind feed for the chickens.  With the rain the past few days the chore had been put off so it was a necessity and thankfully it was dry when we awoke.  It was a chilly morning but no rain so we were good to go! 

I don’t always help with this process but today’s morning schedule was light for me so I tagged along to do what I could to help and take pictures of the process.  Most farm chores go more smoothly and much quicker with two people so we are trying to work as a team when we can. 

The trailer was loaded with the bags of whole grains.  The bags were heavy but I managed to help with quite a few.  Loren took the bags that were 80 pounds and I took care of a few that were closer to 50 pounds.  We are fortunate to have a supplier near town where we can purchase all organic feed for the chickens, which helps them produce healthy eggs for our customers and us.  Once we were loaded we headed off. 


The process of grinding feed is pretty simple.  I will let the pictures tell the tale.











  1. Interestingly enough I didn’t really notice the bags of grain in the top photo, the window caught my attention. I like that window. What is the building that is attached to it?
    Grinding feed is a dusty job, isn’t it? I’m sure your chickens were happy to see the wagon coming back with it’s bulging feed sacks. How long will that last before you have to do it again?

  2. Aunt Jeri … that window is in the milk house which is attached to the barn. The barn is to the left in that shot. It’s my favorite window. :) I know that you aren’t supposed to have favorites but I think that a window is ok right? Ha. Yes grinding feed is terribly dusty … we were dirty. I think that the feed lasts 3 months? I don’t know for sure but if I am wrong I will correct myself. :)

  3. Steph…I think it speaks to me. :O

  4. Aunt Jeri … very funny! I seriously laughed out loud. Ha. Maybe you are a special “one who hears windows” too. We could start a support group.

  5. You guys are TOO funny! I laughed out loud at the window comments too. Windows must speak to your dad, too because he made a room around the old ones he took out of the livingroom. The other 10 or so are shouting out in the garage right now waiting to be heard:)

  6. I must have been adopted into the family and no one has told me yet. My windows don’t speak to me. But I like them anyway. haha Mary, after re-reading your note I see they don’t speak to you either, it’s Tom they speak to. It’s probably safe to say you and I were adopted from the same parents.

  7. Uh oh…if windows don’t speak to my two sisters…and they do to me…perhaps I’M the adopted one. I always thought I was, anyway. Steph obviously inherited it from her father! This is getting too convoluted for me. I wish that window would just not have said anything to me!

  8. Oh, my gosh Jerilynn! I nearly fell off my ball reading this one…..I’ve been sitting on an exercise ball while I’m on the computer because I saw on the news that it was good for your back. I figured I would never use it to actually EXERCISE so I might as well use it when I play free cell and read and laugh at Steph’s blog:) I wonder if you should consider stand up comedy instead of pharmacy. :)

  9. you guys are funny … a little scary that I am related … maybe I should be the one claiming adoption. :)

  10. You guys are funny. I think I love your family, Steph, as much as I love your blog. Heee!

  11. Rose … they are pretty fun aren’t they? You are welcome to love them as long as you like. :)

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