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Our “NEW” Stove

We have a new stove!  Well, we have an “old/new” stove.  This past August our parish held a summer festival that included a silent auction.  Prior to the festival there had been a pretty extensive kitchen remodel.  Poor draining around the building has created problems for years in the spring and this year was the year to take care of the problem with the discovery of large amounts of mold behind the old kitchen cabinets.   Drain tile was installed around the building, the old cabinets came out and were replaced, a new tile floor was put in and lots of other small details which included new stoves.  The stoves both worked ok, well … one of them only had 3 working burners but other then that they were in great shape and it would be simple enough for someone to replace the burner. 

We thought that it might be a good idea to think about replacing our current stove because we only had 3 burners that worked and that was stressing this new farmwife out considering 5 or 6 burners would be nice!  Our stove was pretty old and we were unable to find a replacement burner for the one that was burned out.  We figured that if nobody else needed the stoves we would bid and see if we got one.  Upon arriving at the festival we waited awhile to make sure that nobody else really needed the stove because I was sure that once we put our name on everyone would say “oh let them get it … I am sure that they need it much more then us!”.  One other family had a bid on the stove that looked a bit cleaner and I was certain that it was the one with 4 working burners, but we bid on the other one to be fair.  Not surprisingly nobody else bid on our stove and we loaded it in the truck and got it home. 

Completely out of our procrastinator tendencies we took the old stove out and got the “new” one in right away.  It was a strange occurrence and I don’t know how it happened, but it did and the “new” stove was ready to go in about an hour!  Still seems strange to me that we took care of the project so fast considering our new washer was our kitchen island for about 3 months before that got hooked up! 

I asked Loren to check the burners and they all worked!  Whoo-hoo!  I figured that if we got the one with a burned out burner it would be months before we replaced it so I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t need to add that to our never ending to-do list. 

So here is the old stove …


And here is the “new” stove …


An improvement don’t you think? 

While we were waiting for the auction to end there were two little old ladies looking at the stoves.  I was right next to them so I wasn’t really listening to their conversation as much as they were talking loudly right next to me.  Ha.  They stopped at the stoves and the woman on the left opened the “soon to be mine” stove.  They looked at each other with great disgust, they wouldn’t have needed to speak because their looks said it all but the woman on the left said “oh I just hate a dirty oven” and the other woman simply gave a look to say “I hear you friend!” and they walked away from my almost “new” stove with a great sense of relief that it would not be going home with either one of them. 

I remembered that little moment almost daily as I opened my dirty oven.  With a few “pie adventures gone bad” moments the poor oven was in even worse shape then before.  Here is my proof. 


How sad huh?  Well, after my last pie disaster night I decided that I had no choice … the oven had to be cleaned and I was the one to do it.  We have a virtually “chemical- free” home and so my cleaning cabinet holds little if anything to tackle such a great big job as that oven.  But with one brillo pad, (which didn’t last too long) lots of baking soda, water and a huge amount of elbow grease it looks like this now! 


Impressive huh?  Took me 2 straight hours and I was so tired and sweaty you would have thought that I ran to town and back.  I wasn’t sure if my fingernails would ever be the same but a few days later they look ok.  I wasn’t able to get everything scrubbed and there are a few spots on the bottom but overall I think it is a great improvement.

When Loren came home he was sitting in the living room with me as I was putting the pictures on my computer when I remembered that I cleaned the stove. It was a busy day and I had worked so hard that I had forgotten about the great job that I had accomplished.  Once I remembered I asked him to go look.  He wouldn’t budge.  I asked a few more times and he apparently just really didn’t want to move so I resorted to showing him the pictures.  He was less impressed then he should have been … well in my opinion that is!  Does that surprise any wife out there?  For pete’s sake … I did finally get him to open the oven door when he was about a foot away and even that was a struggle.  If I recall I got a “yep that is clean” statement.  I don’t know why he didn’t jump for joy with a clean oven but oh well. 

If only I knew who those little old ladies were because I could invite them over and I bet that they would be impressed with my clean oven!   



  1. Your oven is sooo clean! Good job. I dont think I would like the two hour thing! I just cleaned mine out this weekend, hmmm, two years I have lived here now? I wonder if this is a bad thing.

  2. I’m impressed! You certainly had no role model of a mother when it comes to cleaning ovens!! I wonder if you put some vinegar to work, (just soaked it for awhile) if that might help. I have no prior experience in that regard, just have heard it’s a good cleaner. Aren’t you the girl who had a cleaner for every purpose?:) I also use salt for a cleanser sometimes.

  3. Good job, Steph! Don’t look for a man to be excited over getting things clean, just talk to us women. :) I need to do mine too…a brand new house that came with appliances, and they put a stove in that doesn’t have the self cleaning option! Didn’t even know they still made manual clean ones. We’ve lived in the house a year and 9 months…guess maybe I should quit closing my eyes when I open the door and just get it done!
    Maybe I’ll put soda and vinegar together, those two make a volcanic reaction and perhaps it will bubble the dirt away.

  4. Ladies … thanks for your compliments! Makes up for my husbands lack of enthusiasm. I didn’t really think that he would be excited, but couldn’t he pretend? Ha. :) I hope that you all have a clean oven some day and that the man you love takes over when he sees that you are working so hard. Ha. Dreamer I know … but we can hold out at least a little hope right?

  5. Hey Steph…doesn’t that little handle on the top left front of the new stove door that slides over and locks the door mean it’s a self-cleaning oven?

  6. Aunt Jeri … yeah it is a self cleaning oven but my husband is anti-self cleaning ovens. He heard a speaker one time talkking about self cleaning ovens and how toxic the air is during and after the process and so we have chosen not to use it. Apparently a man who does air testing was at a friends house who’s wife was cleaning thier oven with the self cleaner and just for fun he tested the air and apparently it was the highest reading he had ever had in all his experience of testing air for toxins. They say that the oven heats to over 800 degrees to burn all the junk off … it just wasn’t worth it to us I guess. Long answer … sorry! :)

  7. Don’t be sorry about the long answer. I always left the house when I cleaned the oven, and hoped the house was there when I got back! ha

  8. I usually use that impregnantated steel wool Not sure if the chemicals in it are bad, I think it is just a basic powdered soap. It seems to work well for me, but if you looked at my oven at the moment you wouldn’t think so. I don’t know if Mark has ever noticed if our oven is clean or not except the time he changed the heating element in the oven. Josie

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