Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 16, 2007

Meet the girls …


Look who has joined the family! Yep … I am sure that you recognize these “fake” cabbage patch dolls from your past. My sister found them at a garage sale this fall and just had to get them after our trip down memory lane last month with my post about “cabbage“. She thought that they would enjoy life on the farm.

These dolls have the bodies that you could buy with the heads. My mom however made her own pattern and bought the material to make the bodies. I am sure that the pre-made bodies were costly. And for the record, I liked our homemade bodies better. These girls are somewhat “thick” … really quite boxy. But they are cute in their 1984 way.

Here’s the dilemma … what do we name them? Since they are both red heads I am leaning towards “Irish” names. I also like the first letters to match … I don’t know why, I just do.

Here are my ideas …

Molly and Maggie

Erin and Emma

Kelly and Kasey

Bridget and Becca

Let me know what you think.  :)


Oh … and one of the dolls … yet to be named … has a cabbage patch kids diaper on. Remember those? And, just to make it even more fun, it has half of a Ben Franklin price tag still stuck to it! I remember that was the only place that we could buy them one at a time. Those were the days huh?



  1. Name them O’Heck and O’Shucks

  2. veteran haymaker is pretty comical. I like Molly and Maggie. Seeing those dolls on Sunday gave me a little nudge to make dolls again. I haven’t done that for so long! No, you won’t be getting any for Christmas guys, unless you ask for one. :)

  3. I like Molly and Maggie too. They look cuter on your blog than in real life…… fun.

  4. Maggie and Molly O’Dolly!

  5. Cabbage Patches seemed to have two names – my favorite was Spencer Willie. Also, they look sort of downtrodden, I’d name them something like Mary Catherine and Deidre Ann… then maybe get them nun’s habits.

  6. She’s right! They always had two names. You COULD name one Mary Kathryn after your mother (though not quite a nun) but Molly Marie and Maggie May might work—-do both middle names have to be M’s too? I know how you are about such things. :)

  7. I like Maggie May … and maybe Molly Mildred. :) I love the O’Dolly as well. Very funny and clever.

  8. I’m a little slow in getting to my blog reading, but the names I liked best when I read your ideas were Molly and Maggie. They seem to be a popular choice so far. How about Maggie Mae and Molly Moo? I thought just a touch of farm-theme might be fitting.

  9. What did you name these girls??

  10. I did … I just posted it. Funny, cause I was thinking yesterday that I needed to do that … but then the farm wife drama unfolded. Ha. :)

  11. […] The O’Dolly’s … Meet the officially named: […]

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