Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 18, 2007

Telemarketers … not my favorite.

So since we have moved onto the farm we have had several telemarketers call. I try to take the calls when possible so that I can have us taken off the list rather then hang up on them … though there are times when I do that as well.  I am generally quite patient but today this guy irritated me. 

Here is how the call went.  

Me … Hello (insert our last name if you know it, if not then make one up), this is Stephanie.

Long pause and then the click that tells you that there is a telemarketer on the line

Man’s voice … Hello is Beverly there?

Me … No I am sorry, she is no longer at this number.

Man …short pause and then … What?

Me … No I am sorry, she is no longer at this number.

Man … Ahhh … Is that true?

Me … Ummmm … yeah that is true … they have moved to (insert city if you know it, or make one up.)

Man … But, you answered the phone with the same last name.

Me … Yes, I did.  That is because I am her daughter-in-law and my husband and I live at the farm now and we have kept the same phone line and number. 

Man … Oh, really? 

Me … Yes really.

Man … Well, is her son there then?

Me … No I am sorry he is at work.

Man … Oh he is at work?  (it was obvious by his tone that he did not believe me) … So then he will be back shortly and I can call back?

Me … No, he just left and won’t be back until late tonight.

Man … Really?

Me … Yes really … he works second shift. 

Man … So then I could call him tomorrow and he would be home?

Me … Right, he will be here tomorrow. 

Man … Well then I am going to call him tomorrow! 

Me … That would be fine.

End of converation … not a “thanks for your time”, or a “have a nice day” … just the end when he hung up.   

So first of all, he was rude … not nice at all.  He irritated me because he assumed that I was lying about the fact that my in-laws had moved out of town.  Most of the telemarketers that call (which is a lot) say that they will take them off the calling list and thank me for my time.  I like those ones.  :)  This guy assumed that I was lying.  I don’t like it when people assume that I am lying because as a general rule, I don’t lie.  I assume that he thought that I was indeed Beverly and that I was trying to get out of the phone call.  Not too sure why I would answer the phone as Stephanie if I were actually Beverly however.  Ha. 

Secondly, he acted as if he would know if they had moved and well, anyone that knows them knows that they moved almost a year ago.   It would seem that if he was really not a telemarketer and that he really knew them, he would have know my husbands name and not referred to him as “her son”. 

It appeared that he had something pretty important to tell Beverly (which by the way is a name that she rarely goes by) and that it was so important that he had to tell “her son” as soon as he could.  Apparently I wasn’t good enough to talk to.  I am sure it was obvious that he wasn’t going to get me to agree to buy anything. 

So I didn’t really like him, or the way that he treated me.  If he would have told me what he needed and who he was I would have been happy to get a message to her or even give him the new number.  Since he didn’t do any of that I think that it is safe to assume that he was indeed a telemarketer … hopefully I am not wrong and it really was someone important.  However, someone important would not have been rude I don’t think.

We’ll have to see what the story is when he calls “her son” tomorrow.   I wonder if he will ask for “Beverly’s son” when he calls … ha! … I really hope that I answer the phone.  :) 



  1. You know how my hubby deals with them, maybe you could give them our number! Dont tell Brian I said that. HA!

  2. Wow, that guy is really bad at his job!

  3. He was probably paying you back for all the people (like me) who just hang up on him!

  4. Tom’s reaction to survey takers lately is to tell them we charge $50 to take them and asks where he can send the bill. Most of them hang up immediately. For telemarketers, he asks for their name and home number so he can call them hopefully when they are sleeping. :) They don’t seem to stay on the phone long with him.

  5. Stephanie, I don’t remember the phone number to call, but am sure you can do a google search. I would add your number to the national “do not call” list. You simply need to state at the beginning of the conversation that you are on the national “do not cal list” and legally the conversation cannot go futher except “thank you for your time, I’ll remove this number from our database”. We used to get a ton of telemarketer calls and now get very few.

    We also used a telezapper for awhile. I still have it and would gladly give it to you. If a computer dialed call comes in (the ones with the pauses after you answer), the zapper sends an audio message that the phone has been disconnected and is no longer inservice. The computer disconnects the call before the telemarketer gets on the phone. It also works well. I can add it to the “Stephanie pile” of stuff if you want. I was going to put it on our next garage sale but would love to see it improve your life by decreasing the phone irritation. :)

  6. Our telemarketer called on Friday night and Loren aswered the phone. Turns out that he was looking for donations for VFW … he didn’t get one. Loren does really well with them. We are on all the do not call lists and we could use that as an excuse but he likes to tell them that he doesn’t support organizations that use telemarketers to raise funds. They generally don’t say anything after that but this guy did … he was on the phone with him for a pretty long time. Oh, and he still did ask for Beverly, and Loren had to say that she moved a couple times before he believed him as well. I agree with Diane that he is not very good at his job! :) The calls are much less then they used to be so that is good.

  7. Another approach to keeping telemarketers away is to sign up at

    The website deals with a pretty straightforward problem—most consumers don’t like telemarketers trying to sell them products that the consumer doesn’t want. The idea with is that consumers get to choose who contacts them. Plus, consumers can change their choices anytime. If I am in need of siding, I can add that to my list. After I buy siding, I get to remove it. is a free service. Consumers go to the website and register or re-register for the Do Not Call List. Then, the consumer is given options of more than 350 unique areas of interest from which to select. They then choose the days and times they will allow those calls to be made. They can further choose to be contacted via email or direct mail.

    Through the site, consumers can also find guidance for alleviating Internet spam and junk mail. If you sign and request to receive zero marketing calls then you will not get calls. was conceived in response to requests made by consumers. In August 2004, founder and CEO, Shawn Rohrer, began the process of interviewing and collecting data from consumers. The premise for the business is fairly straightforward: people won’t buy things over the phone that they don’t want. allows its members to specify their unique areas of interest and the firm commits not to contact them about anything other than the things they’ve specified.

    While it is almost impossible to stay invisible to telemarketing efforts, this probably gets you close.

  8. I feel your pain. I was tired of all the calls and it’s pretty frustrating when you can’t seem to get the annoying caller off the phone. I guess I gotta give ‘em credit for their persistence :).

    I ran across some blogs about “proven tactics” for getting rid of telemarketers – like putting the phone down and walking away or asking for the callers home number – along with a dozen other things that only work for a while.

    I also tried the website that Steve from PA mentioned – . It’s pretty cool. It helped me get signed up on the governments “do-not-call” list…that should stop a bunch of my calls. They also had some great info about spam, junk mail, and identity theft protection – things I hadn’t even thought about before. It was real easy…and free.

    You should check it out.

  9. The closest thing to an answer from an ongoing stand point is….thanks for the heads up

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