Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 19, 2007

Rainy Days

It has been raining for days around the farm.  Everything is terribly muddy and wet, wet, wet! 


Here are some birds that I shot in May of this year.  They were taking shelter from the rain.  The bar that they are resting on was put up in the 80’s by Loren and his brother so that they could to do pull-ups.  

I decided to go out on Thursday evening to take some pictures of the wet.  We have wet buildings, wet chickens, and wet flowers.  The cattle are wet too but they were in no mood to have their pictures taken … you will have to take my word for it.  :) 










  1. Beautiful rain pictures, I love a rainy day! We are having severe drought conditions here in North Carolina. We’re on restriction for using it and have been for weeks. It did rain a bit yesterday, but we need lots of it, like most of the Southeast.

  2. And the “it” that we’re on restriction for using in the above paragraph would be “water.” I worked a 10 hour day and my brain is fried! :)

  3. I see you got things working again so you could post photos. I love the one with the barn swallows finding shelter, and the ‘wet hen’…I wonder if she was crabby. It was a long 2 weeks with very little sunshine, so I’m happy to see it back today! Jeri, I see you finally got more hours at work….too much of a good thing?

  4. I love the rain too! We had very little rain this summer and so even though it is late we’ll take it! It wasn’t too easy taking photos in the rain however! And I am not too sure it is a good idea for the camera either. Ha. But it seems to be ok since it has dried out! I did manage to figure out a bit more on my posting. I can’t save anything ahead so if I write it I have to post it. And if I “refresh” the page several times I can get the pictures to post. It is a pain but oh well! :)

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