Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 20, 2007

timers … lesson learned

I have never had piecrust cookies work out but after my most recent apple pie fiasco involving the burner, a stone pie plate and a cold table I had a little bit of pie crust that needed to be taken care of.  Since a vast majority of the crust was partially baked to the bottom of the cracked pie plate I just put the pieces on a cookie sheet, sprinkled with some sugar and cinnamon and in the oven they went.  I think that the key to my sudden success with the piecrust cookies was the use of a timer!  Who knew?  :)  I am generally timer challenged … or timer stubborn maybe.  Seems to me that I should really be able to remember when to take something out and I am somehow above the idea of bringing myself to use the timer. 

The timer issue bother’s my husband lots!  It bother’s him so much so that he bought me a timer for Christmas the first Christmas we were dating.  His plan was that I would learn to use it and quit tellling him all my cooking story horrors.  In addition to the timer I got a flashlight for my car.  Pretty romantic huh?  Though I must add that the next Christmas I received diamond earring and I must admit that I use the flashlight in the car all the time.  The timer however broke.  I promise that I didn’t break it on purpose!  Ha.  I don’t remember how it came to pass but we got a new one for a wedding shower gift and I have grown much more used to using one.   

So the secret to piecrust cookies is the timer.  I set it for 5 minutes at a time and I think it took somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes because they were sharing the oven with the pour over crust pies. 


Don’t they look delicious?  They tasted even better.  

So it looks like I learned my lesson with timers … and I will plan to keep using one.   We’ll see how long that plan lasts.  Not too sure that Loren will ever know that I have crossed the forbidden “use a timer” line … he doesn’t need to know right?   



  1. Loren will probably figure it out when there are less kitchen disasters. He’s pretty smart! :) But then, he didn’t really take much interest in the clean oven and closet even after you directed him did he? Your piecrust cookies DO look good.

  2. Just to empathize I think at least 50% of the pie crust cookies I bake are “well done”. The addition of sugar makes them bake quickly. :) Don’t worry, Loren grew up eating many well-done baked items and I bet he won’t complain much when the time fails either due to nonuse or misjudgement of cooking time. :)

  3. When you get to be my age the timer may become your best friend. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes when mine goes off I’ve wondered what I set it for in the first place. On those days I especially love my timer. Imagine if it hadn’t been there to beep me out of my temporary amnesia.

  4. Mom … I suspect that Loren won’t catch on to the timer usage for years. :) But then again, he just assumes that I use once since everyonce else in the world seems to besides me so he probably knows that I am using one but doesn’t know that I just decided to commit to it. Ha. How complicated huh? :)

    Josie … Loren is definitely not opposed to eating failures … unless it is too burned. If that is the case he won’t … but it has to be pretty bad for him to not eat it.

    Aunt Susan … you make me laugh. :) I have started to use the timer for “non-cooking” related moments and I have even been known to use two … that can be a little tricky to remember which one was for which thing.

  5. I use my timer to remind me to go downstairs and switch clothes from the washer to the dryer, and to start dinner (it’s pretty hectic around here from 3-5 PM). In times past it was very useful to set a limit on how long the dishwashing chore could last, time my ‘time-outs’ for you kids before they were called that, test Matthew to see if he could be quiet for 5 minutes, and sometimes to use when cooking. SO FAR I can usually remember what I set it for! Maybe 95% of the time. I hope I never set it for no reason and make myself crazy.

  6. Mom … I laughed out loud about setting the timer for Matthew to be quiet for 5 minutes. I totally remember that! Ha. I also remember being challenged to not talk througout the entire grocery store … I would guess I was like 12 maybe … apparently I was chatty? Ha! :) I remember it was hard and I think that I almost made it to the end of the shopping trip but in the end I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Good times.

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