Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 23, 2007


Well, it has been a busy week already here on the farm and it is only Tuesday!  I have been cleaning and organizing to ready the house for company on Saturday.   As you well know by now, I am one of the greatest procrastinators around these parts and so I am finally getting to projects that have been waiting for my attention for months … maybe longer.   :) 

I thought that I would share some pictures with you that I have in the “not-yet posted” section of my blog picture file.  Believe it or not I have one of those such files.   Anyway, they are pretty random but here they are.  







Well, I am off to finish making lunch for Loren and his Dad … chicken wild rice soup (yum!) … and then back to the piles!     



  1. Loved all these photos! At first I thought the rock beside the rooster was an egg. But it was a tad bit dingy, and maybe a little large. My favorite is the hen with her chicks.

  2. Thanks. Teresa’s favorite was the hen with the 4 chicks too … it is currently the background on my computer screen. I love that one too. :)

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