Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 23, 2007

Cleaning Martha’s Room

Unfortunately I don’t have a “before” picture of our room called “Martha’s Room”.   Martha’s room is one of our spare rooms and is located right off the kitchen.  I wouldn’t have chosen to put a bedroom right off the kitchen but that is where it is.  :)  We called it Martha’s room because Martha was our first over-night guest after I moved here in January after the wedding.   She spent quite a few nights on the couch in the livingroom before I got the room cleaned out.   Since she was our only over night guest until July, we decided to name the room after her.

Martha’s room was messy!  :)  I love it when she will call and I say “I am cleaning your messy room!”.  She doesn’t even feel bad!  Ha.  So Since I don’t have that before picture of “her” messy room you will need to  imagine that it was really really really messy.  The bed was stacked high with craft stuff, kitchen stuff, and all sorts of stuff … you had to look hard to see that there was a bed underneath it all.  It was bad.

Martha’s room used to be baby blue.  Incase you care, baby blue is my least favorite wall color … and in case you still care, my kitchen is currently baby blue!  The kitchen paint job is the last one on the list because it will involve the most work.   So I deal with it.  But I painted the spare room in June before we had Loren’s family visit.  This is the same green that is in my laundry room.   I love this green. 

Martha hasn’t stayed with us for awhile and our last over night guests were in July.  Even though I have picked up the room, in the past few months it has been used as my “multi- puprose room”.   If I can’t find a spot to put something, it ends up in Martha’s Room.  The dresser (which is to the right of the door) was stacked so high yesterday that when I had to place something new on top I would carefully place it and pray that the whole stack didn’t fall over.   The closet is full of kitchen overflow items and all the cookbooks are in there as well.  It’s a busy room.   

Loren’s aunt will be staying with us on Saturday night and so it had to be cleaned.  I worked most of yesterday re-organizing and sorting.  the closet is clean, the cookbooks are nicely stacked and you can see the bed!  It isn’t completely finished but it is close enough.  There are still some dresser drawers full of random “stuff” that should be gone though but those can wait. 


Doesn’t it look cozy?  A nice clean and organized room with the bed made makes me wanna take a nap!  :) 



  1. That is clean! I’m impressed.

  2. That room has night memories!

  3. Very nice guest room, the designers on HGTV would give you kudos. Veteran haymaker always makes me smile, even if I’m blushing this time. Wasn’t that room theirs?? Maybe you need to plan a kitchen painting Saturday and a few of us can come and help you paint. I’d sign up!

  4. Kim … Thank you! :)

    veteran haymaker … you are funny. I often have Loren “de-code” some of the comments and this time even he was stumped so I clarified for him. Ha.

    Mom … yeah he is clever that veteran haymaker and yes it was their room when they were here. A painting party would be a good idea … but we have to replace the ceiling and finish the patchwork first … don’t worry about fitting it into your schedule quite yet. :) Someday though I will take you up on your offer.

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  6. A lovely guest room. I bet your guests get so comfortable in that room that they never want to leave.

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