Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 24, 2007

Weasel and Chickens Update

Just wanted to let you know that the weasel that was a bother is no longer a bother.  He was trapped last night and so we can breathe a little bit easier that he won’t be back to kill anymore of the chickens.  I was asked to take a picture of him but I declined the offer so Loren took one … you don’t wanna see it!  He was big … big as a cat I would say and he looked scary.  Yuck. 

Also … all 5 chickens from last night were alive and well when Loren got home.  He moved 3 pullet hens and 2 roosters back to the “safe room” and all was well!  That made me feel better … I didn’t want my lack of “farm-wifeness” to be the cause of the deaths of 5 chickens.        

I don’t anticipate a repeat tonight of last nights farm wife dramas … Lets hope anyway.  :) 



  1. I want to see it!

    (This sounds kind of naughty.)

    Show us your weasel!

  2. David … Since we are a “kid-friendly” sort of blog I won’t post it … but I will e.mail it to you! :)

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