Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 25, 2007

A surprise! … sorta.

“Oh you brought me presents?”  This is what I like to say when Loren brings home groceries, or items from the hardware store, something from the garden, and sometimes I even say it when he brings me the mail.  I don’t know why I think that it is funny, but I do.  Loren’s general response to my question is “just the carrots and celery … or just these light bulbs.”  I don’t know that he really gets that I am being funny … something that happens a lot around my house.  He is very literal and I am very much not literal, so that should explain it for you.   When I ask him that question I am thinking that whatever it is he is bringing me is the gift, cause it sort of is when you think about it.  He thinks that I am really looking for a present, when really I am not and rather, I am just thinking that I am cute and clever. 

Loren ran to do some errands … lots of errands actually.  He went to the post office, the grocery store, the bank, the hardware store and to the neighbors for milk.  When he arrived home with a bag of groceries, the mail, and the milk … and I assume some money as well even though that wasn’t in the bag!  Ha … I asked in normal fashion “Oh you brought me presents?”  His reply today was different, he said “just one from Sunday”.  This was a new response.  I said “really? … a present? … oh yea!, my bracelet!”. 

Here it is. 


Pretty huh?

A few weeks ago I went to Sunday’s for milk or to pick apples or something and she said “what’s your favorite color?”.  I am generally suspicious of general questions like that so I said … “like in general, or to wear, or what?”.  I am sure that she was thinking it was a pretty simple question and one that I should just answer without reading into it and she said “well, like your favorite color in general, and what you like to wear” and I said “why?” … she said “cause I want to know”.  Obviously I have some issues with being indecisive cause I said “ummm … well … maybe blue, or brown, or pink and sometimes red?”.  That really narrowed it down for her I am sure.  Ha. 

I knew that she was up to something but I wasn’t sure what.  I rarely get to be surprised because I think too much and notice too much and in general try to figure things out too much.  She makes homemade soaps, lip balms and lotions and etc. but she gives me that stuff all the time so I didn’t figure that she was going to make me special colored soaps or anything.  I remembered that she made beaded items though and I thought that maybe she was going to do something with beads for me.  See?, I told you that I take the fun out of most every surprise. 

A few days after the color question she called and asked me “so when you said that you liked blue was it a dark blue, a turquoise blue, an aqua blue, or like a light blue?” … I said, “light blue” and she said “ok thanks that all I needed.”  It had to be a necklace I figured by then, and she needed to get the right blue. 

About a week or so ago I was there again … oh the day that we ground feed was the day.  She said “ok so I was going to surprise you with a beaded necklace and the only color bead that I don’t have is light blue!”.  Funny.  So I said “well, I am pretty ok with most colors so whatever you have is fine”.  She had me look over her beads and some pieces that she had already completed and I really liked a necklace that she had and she said “oh I have more of those beads, I can do that one for you” and then I added “since I am more of a bracelet girl, can you do a bracelet?”.  She said “sure!”.  Turns out that Sunday was very accomidating as I dictated what I wanted my surprise to be.   :) 

So today I got the bracelet, which was supposed to be a necklace and was supposed to be a surprise but wasn’t.  I love it though … it is so pretty.  I showed it to Loren but if I recall there were no oooo’s or ahhhh’s  … you aren’t surprised are you?  I have yet to wear it for the animals … there is a slight chance that they will appreciate it … Ha … but I won’t hold my breath.   



  1. You ARE cute and clever. I used to get many ‘gifts’ from your dad (and he called them that, too) like paintbrushes and sandpaper and other work-related items. But then he also brought me candy and gum that were shaped like hamburgers or hot dogs, anything out of the ordinary. I hope I wasn’t supposed to SAVE them! The end of that bracelet looks like a rattle snake’s rattle and I’m trying to figure out how it connects. It must go into the big blue bead and get trapped somehow.

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