Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 26, 2007

Laundry Day


I did laundry today.  I don’t like laundry.  I don’t know why really, cause I love clean clothes.  Maybe it is because it is such a thank-less job.  It is expected that we wear clean clothes.  The world frowns upon being “un-kept” and wearing dirty clothing, so it is a job that must be done.  I am not exactly sure how I attained the job of “laundress”.  I asked Loren and he wasn’t sure either, though he sort of chuckled when I asked.  That makes me suspicious!  Maybe there was a vote about who would be in charge of that chore and I wasn’t paying attention.  But regardless of why I have the job … I do.  I have accepted the responsibility and really, it isn’t a horrible process, just a long one.  At least there are some results in the end when I have baskets of clean clothes.  

Even though I have accepted this part of my farm-wife life, I can’t say that I enjoyed it all day long.  As I was working I got to thinking about how many articles of clothing two bodies use.  It is pretty ridiculous.  I did 5 huge loads today … for 2 people.  I can only imagine how much laundry a family with children goes through.  So I decided to count the items … items that I hauled downstairs, then sorted, hauled down to the basement to the washer, hauled outside to the clothesline and hung to dry then took off the line, or back upstairs to the dryer, then folded, put back in baskets, and hauled back upstairs to be put away. 

Here are our totals.  Just 2 bodies … in about a week and a half I would guess. 

Bath Towels – 6

Jackets – 2

Jeans – 7

Kitchen Towels – 29 (I told you I use a lot of them!)

Kitchen Rags – 15

Pajama’s – 4

Potholders – 2

Dress Pants – 7

Skirts – 1

Socks – 22 pairs

Sweatshirts – 13

T-shirts – 18

Un-mentionables – 26

To all of you that do laundry for more then just yourselves … THANK YOU!!  And to those of you that were able to put on fresh clean clothes this morning that you DID NOT have to wash, be a dear and thank the one that made that possible.    



  1. Good Morning…….I just awarded you with the “You make me Smile” award. You can read all about it on my blog:

    And you may feel free to pass it along to any of your favorites that make you smile

    Have a great day….Rosie

  2. Congratulations Steph! You always make me smile. So I need the lifetime award version.

    OF COURSE I have to comment on laundry since I first remember folding diapers when I was 9 and have always loved it. Back before Matthew was born we had lines strung between pine trees in Pine River, and I also used the dryer once it got cold. When we moved into town dad bought one of those compact metal umbrellas……one of the first times I used it and put on WAY too many little boys jeans, etc. it collapsed, just folded in on itself in surrender. Maybe it waved a little white diaper flag, too. Anyway we put line on those substantial metal ones in the side yard for awhile. But after I started working it was the dryer only. Now I’m sure you understand why I was so peeved when my clean folded laundry ended up on the floor!! Good thing I loved you all so much. :)

  3. Hi, I popped over from Rosie’s blog. I did three loads today! Not something I enjoyed doing, that’s for sure. I don’t usually do the laundry, my husband does it. For some reason he enjoys it – especially the folding and putting away part LOL!
    Unfortunately he’s been out of town :-)


  4. awe…the “farm jeans” on the line. That brings back South Dakota memories. My mom taught me a tip once about jeans. If you clothes pin them by the back of the waistband then air/breeze will blow through the entire pant leg…drying them quicker.

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