Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 26, 2007

Shock & Awe

So … this week I shared with you “cleaning Martha’s room” … well, the fun didn’t stop there ladies and gentlemen.  I also cleaned the office.  Now, the office is a little room off the laundryroom that holds our big freezer and the desk … it is a little room.  Why the little room always seems to gather the most “stuff” I will never know.  I have made several attempts at cleaning and organizing but I haven’t had the great sucess that I did this week.  I don’t know why I finally got the organizing bug but I am so glad that I did.  This house is in desperate need of organizing. 

This summer Loren’s parents celebrated thier 40th wedding anniversary and since they were here at the farm for over 30 years and this is where they raised their family it only seemed right to host it at the farm.   Along with the hosting however, came the family!  Out of state siblings stayed with us which was great!  In an effort to make the house presentable and to have the room for 6 extra people to sleep we did a pretty good job of stuffing the closets full and hiding as much stuff as possible.  :)  That being said, the closets in this house are in need of some attention.   The office was the first to be organized.  There are large built in cabinets that mostly house my craft items, some Chritmas items and of course lots of misc. items. 

Here are some photos to shock and awe you …

Shock …


The Desk … it is under there I promise!  :) 


The shelves … pretty sad really!

I decided to clean out the cabinets also … there isn’t one of them before, but here is what some of the stuff looked like that came out of there.  This was taken when most of it was back in the closet so it was much worse then shown. 


And now for the Awe



Loren made this desk in the 9th grade.  I think that is so great. 


EMPTY shelves!  Can you believe that? 


Even though this still looks messy … it really is organized.  See all my cute pink labels?  You know it is organzied if you have labels.  :)    There are more cabinets underneath but they look the same so I will spare you the visual.  

So there you have it … an organized office … we should place bets on how long it is before the awe once again becomes shock! 



  1. like your blog. just found it the other day….when i should have been cleaning or organizing.

    good job you! fine, i will turn on the ipod and do an hour of organizing!

  2. You are my hero. :)

  3. I was shocked but now I am in awe. Very nice. There are no photos I would like to share of my OWN closets!!

  4. Everyone needs a drop-off zone………………God delivers us company so we can organize, otherwise, who really cares right!?

  5. The chair looks fabulous! Has it needed any glue or work? You know you could become a professional organizer–you could share your talents. :) Seriously, the room looks fabulous.

  6. goodbear … thanks for visititing my blog! Come back again.

    Julie … your hero?, really? … should I be getting some tights and a big O on my shirt for “organizer”? Ok … can you tell I am tired?, that was rediculous. Ha.

    Mom … so my shock and awe theory worked! Nice.

    Teresa … yeah I totally agree that who really cares about a mess, but somedays it gets to me. Thank goodnes for vistitors!

    Josie … the chair went straight from the car to the office … no glue, no nothing … nobody has fallen off it yet so my guess is that it is sturdy enough. :)

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