Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 3, 2007

Deer Hunting or Chicken Hunting?

Another (unexpected) example of our “real farm” …

I went to town this morning for some craft supplies for my Christmas gifts.  I know that it is completely out of my procrastinator nature but believe it or not I am almost half done with the kids gifts, so I wanted to make sure that I could keep going while I was making such great progress.  We don’t generally head very far without some serious reason, but I figured that being ahead on Christmas meant something.  :) 

Loren volunteered to work a few hours this afternoon.  Well, he called last night from work and said that they were looking for volunteers to come in and his supervisor asked him to volunteer.   So I don’t know if he really volunteered or not, but he is there.   I passed him on the road as it took me a little longer then anticipated for me to pick up my one item … there is something about a craft store that makes me loosetrack of time. 

As I drove up the driveway I thought “oh, I bet I have to let chickens out since Loren is at work … I hope that I don’t forget”. 

Well, when I got in the house I found this note …


That isn’t good … not good at all.  I guess I won’t be letting the chickens out.  Maybe the weasle had a friend?  

So while Loren is at work I will pretend that I didn’t receive this note and go about my plan to live in my happy craft-land this afternoon instead of farm-land … isn’t that what a new farm girl should do?



  1. Definitely! How sad, now that you butchered your older laying hens just last week. Working on Christmas gifts seems an appropriate way to deal with a weasle.:) I notice Loren didn’t ask you to stand guard against it’s return. Maybe you need one of those monitors in the barn, like they use for babies now.

  2. Ummm….so what happened to those poor chickens? I hope no more are dead today! Poor chickens, guess you will not be going near the feed room.

  3. Unfortunately, that is farm life. Life and death, especially if you have animals. Not all flowers and roses and it never was for most farmers.

  4. I would like to hear the ‘rest of the story’. In our case it was beef cows that kept dying, hence the selling off of the stock. Farming seems to be more loss than gain at times, that’s for sure. But it has its good times, too. :)

  5. […] It’s been requested to update on the chicken situation.  […]

  6. […] that I sorta miss the chcikens.  They are still here of course since many of them survived the weasle attack awhile back as well as the few “chicken runs” to the butcher, but I don’t […]

  7. well we got a weasle and he has killed 2 of our pet chickens our rooster who is named spongebob alerted me by his consecutive crows and I found lorrana at the bottom of the pen could not have been dead more than 15 minutes as she was still warm.
    what Iwould like to know is how to get rid of this menace as my 1 daughter loves them so much. these chickens are going on 5 yrs. and this is our first incident with a weasle. the weasle is getting them in the morning in thier yard. what would I use for bait to capture it a havahart trap. I will dispose this creature my way and I am sure I will not have anymore. please e-mail me at

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