Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 7, 2007

Wordless Wednesday? … or something.

So apparently in the blog-world it is Wordless Wednesday?, I don’t really know what that means but apparently it means that I am not supposed to be using words.  Ha … looks like I have already failed at Wordless Wednesday.  In my linking from blog to blog this morning I noticed a few Wordless Wednesday posts with you guessed it, no words … just pictures.  I think that if I participate in Wordless Wednesday then it means I am a cool blogger? …  I don’t know for sure, and I have absolutely no idea who the judge is in matters of cool or non-cool bloggers.  But just incase, I am going to participate in Wordless Wednesday … starting now … well, starting soon since as you can see I am still using words.  Good grief it is hard to not use words.   So, all that previous verbage before now is apparenlty going to have to be pre-coolness I guess. 

I know that am supposed to be wordless about the following pictures but I have to just mention that they are way cute … taken in early June of my nephew playing with rhubarb.  As I was searching my photo files for Wordless Wednesday I found them and knew they were the ones. 

So finally …. welcome to Wordless Wednesday … Enjoy!  Oh oops, I spoke again … I am so bad at this non-word deal.  I apologize and I am done now.  Except to add that I am pretty certain that even though I am trying to be a cool blogger, I won’t be surprised if it takes me more then one attempt at Wordless Wednesdays to reach that goal.  Ha.  :) 






  1. :) !

  2. Mom … I think that you can use words. Ha. Very cute and funny too. :) That makes me smile.

  3. I just joined Wordless Wednesday, too. I don’t think I shall ever get the hang of it. Just pictures?!?! So I empathize! :D

    Cute pictures, tho!

  4. Mrs. Mecomber … nice to know that I am not alone! :) Just pictures is hard for a new farm-girl who loves words. Ha. Maybe we will have to slowly ease into “wordless wednesday”.

  5. I am with you on the wordless wednesday thing. Ok, so you are a cool blogger if you participate but boy oh boy is it hard to post and not talk. :o)

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