Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 9, 2007

Little Eggs

One of my few jobs on the farm is to put away the eggs that Loren collects during chores.  It is a fairly simple job, especially when there are few eggs as has been the case the last month or so.  But, our pullets (young lady hens as I like to call them) have started laying.  They start to lay eggs at about 6 months.  We are getting a few more pullet eggs everyday and today there were about 7 out of my bucket of 9 that were little.  It was difficult to get a picture to compare an average egg and a new pullet egg … so this one will have to do.  


If an egg can be cute then these two qualify.  



  1. As soon as Tom saw this picture he said “pullet eggs!” He remembers them from his youth, because he wanted nothing to do with the chickens I had! I concur, the eggs are ‘cute’. Need a few of them to make a meal, though.

  2. Ha. :) That husband of yours is a smart one … too bad there wasn’t a “tell me what’s in this picture” contest or something.

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