Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 11, 2007

Katy the Chicken Hunter?

Well, it looks like Katy (aka Kathryn) might be too well trained at hunting.  Loren let the chickens out this afternoon and it was the first time since Katy arrived.  Not too sure what she would do upon seeing 70 chickens, Loren kept a close eye on her.  Immediately she crouched down in hunting position and watched.  Slowly she inched closer and closer to them until Loren swooped in and grabbed her. 

Now she is in the porch …


and not at all happy with us. 

She is entertaining herself by sadly watching the chickens from afar.  Poor girl.  I feel a little bad for her, but we can’t take the chance that she will get one … or two or more.  Some of the smaller pullets are easy targets.  

 Sorry Ms. Katy … no chicken huting for you today. 



  1. We have 3 cats of our own plus 4 strays that showed up and we are feeding. I know of 3 that I saw do the stalking and tried to catch a chicken. Even the small hens pecked, smacked them with their wings that they hung their tail in shame and ran. None of the cats bother the chickens anymore. They still bring me moles and sometimes snakes and leave them on the doorstep but leave the chickens along. You might watch Katy and see what happens with the chickens. She may just get more than she bargained for and leave them alone.

  2. So Alex is enjoying looking at the photos from the farm. He immediately knew the cat was Kathryn, “there’s Kathryn”. OK so Kathryn is an easy name to remember since his sister is named Kathryn. He told me Kathryn is watching the chickens. I asked him what would happen if he was not in the porch and down by the chickens he said the chickens would get Kathryn. So I guess he was close, just completely opposite. He is now wanting to see Charlie, so I’ll look for the next Charlie photo.

    PS Thanks for the visit with the kids on the farm on Saturday. I heard Alex actually rode on the tractor with Uncle Loren. In the summer for some reason he was too fearful. Kate and Alex also proudly told me they had a special snack, your homeade applesauce in “big” bowls. Thanks again!

  3. I love the photo of the captive cat and the carefree chickens. I never noticed the little norway pine in the yard before. Amazing the details you notice when the image is still. :) Katy is so wonderfully marked. I love calicos! I hope the chickens can hold their own and teach Miss Katie a lesson, so she can stay on the farm and happily work mouse patrol for you.

  4. Regarding Peggy’s comment, a cluck will defend herself and her chicks and may care off a “scardy cat” But a strong experienced cat can normallyovercome average chickens.

  5. Loren is thinking that he will put Katy with a couple roosters to see what happens. He thought that maybe she just wanted to play as well … hard to tell what a cat is thinking. :) Our chickens are pretty mild mannered so it will be interesting to see how it works out. Soon they won’t be let out as it gets colder and the grass dies but when spring comes there will be lots of chickens out again. I will let you know what happens with our potential chicken hunter Katy. :)

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