Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 12, 2007


Today I had a new experience … I pressure washed potatoes!  I am not sure if it qualifies as a new farm-girl experience or more of a new farm-wife experience, but either way it was pretty fun.  I guess I don’t know why exactly it was fun but it was.  I only had one batch, which I am sure contributed to my joy.  I like to try new things but not when it involves acres of bailing hay or weeding 100’s of feet in the garden. 


So this morning Loren finished digging potatoes.  It is not a fun job … that’s why I wasn’t out there!  Ha.  Just another example of why I am a bad farm-wife.  However, Loren’s dad helped a few weeks ago so he didn’t do all 4 rows alone.  With the lack of rain this past summer the potatoes didn’t do very well … but there were at least a few. 


Once they were all dug up it was my job to sort them.  They are divided three ways; the best ones are saved for seed next year, the smaller ones that I will use for meals, and the little tiny ones for the chickens.  We use smaller potatoes then the average person would just because that is what we have available to us and they are a good organically grown potato which is hard to find.   In a summer when rain falls there are ample amounts of large potatoes, but this year we will use the little ones.  We don’t use a lot of potatoes so this batch will last us quite a while.    



Because Loren ran out of time before work he asked me to wash the potatoes.  I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult, so I agreed.  He set up my “station” and I went to work.  I was warned that I should take the time to put on my rain gear since the water splatters a lot.  Putting on hard plastic rain gear isn’t my favorite thing to do but I am glad that I listened to his advice because it was wet.  I couldn’t get Katy to take my picture so you will have to trust me that I was wet and fully covered in rain gear … quite a sight to be seen.


Tomorrow the plan is to wash the beets … Loren will be taking a couple of vacation days this week so I don’t know that I will be doing the spraying this time around so I just might get a picture of him covered in wet rain gear!




  1. That’s a great “day in the life” story. You brought back fond memories. We didn’t have chicks or pigs so we ate the little one ourselves!. My mom would boil them up and put on lots of butter and coarse salt…..yummy……oh no, now you did it, I’m hungry :-)

  2. I don’t remember washing our potatoes when we dug them up, but what a fun way to do it! I loved the photo of the wet boots at least. Don’t know why Katy wouldn’t do her part!

  3. We always washed the potatoes and left them to dry for awhile before storing them. We didn’t have the nifty set up you do, though, Steph. I put mine in a wheelbarrow and filled it and rolled them around (in the water, I didn’t roll them around the yard in the wheelbarrow!) to get most of the dirt off, then sprayed them off. We had so much clay in the soil, it really stuck to them. I used to plant about 10 rows so we had lots of potatoes, especially during the bumper crop years. They were one of the easiest crops to harvest and store…no canning or freezing!

  4. Rosie … you made me hungry too! :) But I had some for lunch so it didn’t make me as hungry as it could have. Ha.

    Mom … I didn’t know until today that we washed them here, I just assumed we didn’t because we didn’t wash them last year that I remember, but I am sure that was cause we were planning a giant wedding or something. :) But it will be so nice to have them mostly clean … I have scrubbed and scrubbed potatoes this past year! It was fun. It was wet, but it was fun.

    Jeri … so you are jealous of my nice set up huh? Amazing what a screen on some hay bailes can do … my husband is pretty good like that. I don’t remember what he made that screen for but we have used it lots of times for different things. I don’t know that I would like the wheelbarrow method. I agree that they are a pretty nice item to store, and eat too. :)

  5. Perhaps next spring, when you plant potatoes again, you could do a post on how you grow yours. I’ve tried twice and had no success. I’ve about given up on them but if I could find a method that would work I would try it again in my garden.

  6. Rose … yeah I will try to remember to do that. I am sure that I will have all sorts of posts during planting season. I of course haven’t done the planting of potatoes but Loren and his Dad are pretty efficient. All I know is that you make a little hill of dirt and drop a potato in … it could be more complex then that however. :)

  7. When my sister Jeri was young, maybe 4 or 5, she decided to plant some potatoes and she just used potato peelings and put them in our smaller garden right by the cow’s yard close to the barn which was very mushy…lots of fertilizer maybe seeped into that area. :) Anyway, when we dug potatoes that year my mother raved about Jeri’s potato crop and how much more plentiful her spuds were. Mom always cut chunks out of hers and made sure there was an eye or two in each one.

  8. Hey! I remember that potato peel crop, I think Bob was in on it too. It was probably the location rather than anything I did. I’m wondering if we even kept it weeded.

  9. i love potatoes

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