Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 18, 2007

So … apparently we aren’t supposed to have a cat?


Sadly, I need to report that we lost Ms. Katy today … we aren’t sure what happened but she was found laying in the yard this afternoon … not alive. 

I am a little more bummed out about this then I would have assumed since cat’s and pets have never been a big deal to me.  But, it is sad.  I want to know what happened but it seems that there are few clues to the mystery and since we don’t know, then I suppose that we will just accept that she is gone. 

We only had her for 10 days. 

At least I have my photo’s of her cause she really was a beautiful cat and I have my memories of her safely in the porch away from the chickens and mad as heck at me!  Ha.   :)  She was pretty fun while we had her.   




  1. I am sad too. Animals have the ability to teach us something about ourselves, guess there is a Saint that has a lot more to say on that than I……………I can say that she was indeed beautiful, and I love that photo of her in the hay.

  2. Have you asked the chickens???

  3. Too sad about your cat. She was very beautiful.
    I am still laughing about the double yolk post.

  4. Apparently you weren’t supposed to have this cat any longer, but there are thousands (probably millions) of homeless cats so you could get another. :) I wonder if she crawled up into the car engine like cats frequently do. That happened to more than one of our cats. Regardless, it’s sad that she’s gone. She was a beautiful girl. Sorry. :(

  5. Sorry about your kitty.

    Glad to see the old blog layout back. I think the picture of the farm adds much to the writing. In my not so humble opinion. :)

  6. I’m so sorry. She was beautiful and seemed to have a lot of character. I am a cat lover big time and feel diminished by their loss. :-(

  7. Gee, I’m sorry you lost your cat too. It’s hard to say what could have happened. Maybe she got into some anti-freeze or something. There are so many dangers on a farm for both animals and humans (and children). She certainly was a beautiful cat, I know you’ll miss her.

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