Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 19, 2007


So we have a theory about what may have happened to Ms. Katy the kitty.  I should say that it is Loren’s theory since he was able to gather more facts than I.  She was found about 2 feet from an electrical pole, with no visible signs of being hurt and so Loren thinks that she probably climbed it, and got to close to the wire and was killed.   The only time that she was ever in that part of the yard (in front of the house) was when she would cruise over to the pole and run up aways and come back down.  Loren said that sometimes you can hear a clicking sound up at the top of the pole where the transformer (pretty sure that was what he called it) is and that she could have heard it, been more curious then she should have and got too close.  So that is our theory … doesn’t change anything, but it makes the most sense under the circumstances. 



  1. I can see that transformer in your photo, and that sure sounds like a likely theory. Curiosity killed the cat. That ‘satisfaction brought it back’ part is just bogus!

  2. Even though I’m allergic to cats and they make my eyes itch and swell shut, I sympathize with the loss of your Katy. She was a very beautiful cat. However, as your mother noted, there are many more cats for you to adopt. What used to happen to us is we’d pay to have them spayed or neutered and then they’d up and disappear. If we didn’t do it, they’d have kittens on a regular basis. We couldn’t win for losing.

  3. Sorry to hear about Katy. Your theory sounds accurate. As Mom said curiosity did kill the cat. She was probably an awesome mouse catcher too since she was so attentive and curious. If/when you get the next one (if you put the word out you could probably have ten) there is probably something you could put on the pole that would decrease the cat’s desire to climb it. For some odd reason aluminum foil rings a bell or some household thing. You could wrap it around the pole with duct tape until the cat is trained to not climb it.

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