Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 20, 2007

Non-Pracrastinator Tuesday

Ok so I know that there isn’t a Non-Procrastinator Tuesday but there was a Non-Procrastinator Tuesday moment at the farm today.  Being a procrastinator is a bit odd … there are many ways in which we justify procrastination and we spend lots and lots of time justifying why we shouldn’t do something, but when we do actually decide to work on something it often comes about in a moments decision. 

Take this shelf here …


It is blue and the rest of the livingroom is brown.  It matches the kitchen cabinets blue and the spare rooom blue, the woodbox blue and the front porch blue … oh, and I don’t really like the blue.  So day after day I look at this cabinet and say “we should really paint that”. 

We did a lot of work in the first part of this year in the livingroom.  We probably could have just painted it and been done, but another strange thing about procrastinators is that they are perfectionists … crazy I know.  So Loren did a ton of work on the walls fixing cracks in the plaster and we added a small section of a wall to create main floor laundry (yet to be completed by the way) and so the livingroom took months to finish, but it was painted before Easter when my family came which was our goal.  There were two more items on the “livingroom to-do list” that we have been putting off since then … since April.  One of those items was to paint the above shelf and the other was to put back a piece of trim.  Accomplishing these two relatively simple tasks have been on numerous lists … lists before company came mostly … and then again on lists after the company left and more was on the way.  We have spent more time talking about the fact that it “won’t take long”, then it would have taken to just get the job done.  I shutter to think about how many times we have talked about it. 

Then today happened. 

Loren was sitting on the woodbox near the above shelf and I said “what is your plan for this afternoon?” and he said “well, I need to work on that chicken coop and I was thinking about finding that piece of trim”.  I said “really?” and he said “yep”.  I said, “oh … then will you get me the paint in the basement and I will paint that today?”.  He said “sure”. 

Paint was brought upstairs, a paintbrush found and less then 30 minutes later …


Why today was the day I won’t ever know … 7 months of having the job not done and always thinking that we should just do it, and 30 minutes later it is done.   Oh, and the trim is in the house … nails and everything are waiting for the paint to dry … I told you that procrastinators were strange. 

So now, the next “out with the blue” project is the kitchen … if it took me 7 months to paint that small shelf how long do you suppose it will take me to paint these? … oh man, it is a HUGE project and even the fact that the blue drives me crazy, I have lived with it for almost a year … what’s another year?  :) 




  1. Hmm, must be something in the air. We finally painted our living room after procrastinating for two years.

    The kitchen cabinets, which also need painting, are going on year eight of not-even-going-to-attempt-something-so-huge project status. We have 36 cupboard doors and drawers!! AAHHH!

  2. Oh MERCY! You got it done in seven months? How so quickly? I painted my living room a year ago last May. I still have a place where a door used to be that needs a sheet of paneling tacked over it. And I still need to paint a second coat on the ceiling. Maybe in the spring lol !!

  3. Your shelves look wonderful. I especially like the white drawer fronts for some reason. I’m thinking the difference between procrastinators and the rest of us is that we just let things go for years and don’t bother to put them on a list and talk about it! I have some projects that have been 7 years in the completion, like my diningroom. :)

  4. The paint job looks great! It really fits and blends with your room now. The kitchen used to have mauve cupboard doors and drawers with white and a pastel type wallpaper. At the time (in the 80s) mauve was really “in” and mom let Kris and I pick the colors and of course do the work. The blue happened well after I was out of the house. If it makes you feel any better, the blue is much more tolerable than the mauve would have been. :) What colors are you considering for the project?

  5. I forgot to add that my husband probably wishes I had a case once in awhile of procrastination. When I decide something needs to be done, it is done almost immediately and worked on until it is complete. In our previous house we added a bathroom and remodeled our laundry room in a matter of a week. Working on it nonstop was much easier at that time since it was pre-kids. Enjoy the ability to relax and not feel the overwhelming need to start and finish something immediately. :)

  6. That is a neat job.

  7. Diane … we have 44 cupboards and drawers total in this kitchen! 36 is a lot … I totally understand.

    Rose … your a procrastinator too? Fantastic! Who doesn’t love a procrastinator. :)

    Mom … I like the cupboards white too, we talked about painting them brown but Loren won and it turns out that I don’t mind it this way. I think that everyone is a little bit procrastinator.

    Josie … there are plenty of traces of the mauve in the cupboards still … you just gotta look close. Ha. We are going with white cupboards and a earthy blue on the walls. The walls need some more patchwork done though so if I get the cupboards painted we’ll have a very white kitchen for awhile … but I am looking forward to the white.

    Abraham Lincoln … thanks much. :)

  8. […] addition to taking Christmas out I did a little work in the kitchen.  I have mentioned  on more then one occasion about how I would really like to at least paint my numerous kitcen […]

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