Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 20, 2007

Since it’s been a month


In October I was asked to show a little bit of my cake decorating skills.  Now, for the record … I don’t really have much skill when it comes to cake decorating.  I enjoy it, though my cakes are far from perfect.  I could tell you story after story about failed attmepts at cakes, I think that every cake I have made has a story.  Even with the knowledge that I wasn’t qualified to advise up and coming cake decorators about the craft, for some reason when asked I said yes.  Sadly, I don’t get out much around here … little towns provide little to do and so the thought of an evening with a bunch of people seemed like a nice change of pace. 

In the few weeks that followed my confident “oh yeah I can do that for you … sounds fun!”, I had lots of “ummm … what the heck am I going to say and show a bunch of strangers?” moments. 


But of course, it went just fine!  Everyone had there own cake that Diane made … 11 total I think it was, and I brought a variety of halloween colored frosting and different tips.  I showed them the basics … like 3 things!, and they decorated beautiful pumpkin cakes, with the exception of one even more creative lady who made a fun fish.   


I brought my camera with since I was pretty new at the blog thing and figured it would make a fun post someday.  I really did intend to post the pictures earlier since Diane and Tina are two of my loyal readers!  They had probably given up on my here … but it has been said more then once around these parts that I am a procrastinator … one of the best I would like to add, so it shouldn’t be too big of a shock that over a month has passed. 

Thanks for your patience ladies.  :)  It was fun. 




  1. I do just that, to myself, all the time and then stress over for weeks. It usually does turn out fine and I always learn something from each encounter. The cakes look great!

  2. You did a great job! I know you gave at least a few people the confidence & skills to give it a whirl on their own.

    Thanks again! It was so much fun!

  3. When I saw the title of the entry and the photo my first thought was “oh, she waited THAT long to clean those bags? that’ll be a chore!” :) Then I saw the further photos and had to laugh. You have spoken about your procrastinating pretty frequently so now I believe you. But I have to not believe you quite so much I guess. But the cakes are really cute and I knew at the time (you left my house at the LAST LAST minute) you would do fine because you ALWAYS do a great job of whatever you tackle. Whenever you get around to it.

  4. Hope you enjoy this-
    Another Decorated Cake

    Really sorry about your loss, she was a pretty cat and we enjoyed seeing your photos of her.

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