Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 4, 2007

For the Love of a brother …

As requested by my big brother David I ventured outside in the snow for some true Minnesota Winter Farm shots.  I did lots of trudging since we had another 4-5 inches fall this morning and afternoon.  But it is beautiful and since I love my brother it was worth the effort. :)   There are lots of them but I had a hard time deciding which ones … so I did most of them! 














  1. Wow! Love all your photos. Everything looks so magical after freshly fallen snow.

  2. All your photos are great, but I love the little pine tree, the woodpile and the window. It’s speaking again, I see!

  3. Poofer,

    Ah, my very own post. Thanks, nice shots.

    Mom, the window is saying – come inside where it is warm. :)

  4. THANK YOU for posting these photos! I’ve been homesick for Minnesota lately—what’s a December, after all, with no snow?—and these shots allowed me to visit without having to leave my own house.

  5. I love it! It doesn’t snow very much here in Texas. When it does, it is nothing like your luxurious snow. Want to trade states?:)
    In God’s Hands,

  6. Very nice…but I can honestly say I don’t miss the snow at all…friends and family, yes. Snow? No.

  7. By the way, my favorite is the mailbox. It speaks to me. It’s waiting for me to send a card to it so can I get your address, please?? Yours was lost in the computer crash we had last month. :(

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