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Well, we got the snow that was predicted … and it was a lot of snow!  I believe it was close to 12 inches around here.  Good thing we like it.  :)   One of the risks that you take when you live in the beautiful state of Minnesota is that there is a chance that weather can change your plans quickly and that is exactly what happened with the snow and my weekend.   My one night stay to my home town quickly turned into a two night deal and most of what I had planned to get done didn’t.  

Mom and I were planning on going to the cookie exchange  on Saturday and with the storm we didn’t make it … and that was a bummer.  I am glad that we didn’t attempt it though because just a short trip across town made for a treacherous trip.   I also didn’t get to learn how to make a Christmas Wreath which was a part of the cookie exchange.  The wreath making was important because I had planned to learn how to make them at my aunts and have invited 9 guests to my home to make one this coming Saturday!  Ha.  The plan is to practice this week with what we assume is the proper technique … we’ll have to see how it all plays out.   I will need to do some searching on-line for some tips.   If the process of Loren and I learning how to make them is eventful I will share it with you.  :)  

I made it safely home on Sunday afternoon a day later then anticipated.  All day today I have been “catching-up” on the house.  It is amazing how chaotic the home can become when the farm-wife is absent!   Who knew that I was so important around here.  

There are predictions of more snow tomorrow … thankfully I have no “big” plans and the snow can come and not effect me much … which means that you can pretty much assume that we won’t get any. 



  1. Yeah, the storm put me a day behind on everything, too. Our one-day trip turned into two days. I am still not caught up! I planned to finish the church newsletter at a leisurely pace on Saturday, and instead I was frantically working on it last night. LOL It is almost done, and ready to go to the publisher today.

  2. I love snow!! Living in Nebraska sometimes we get a lot of it and sometimes we don’t. In my opinion if it is going to be cold there should be snow on the ground so the kids will have something to do. Sorry to here about your weekend. Making all those cookies is a lot of work. I just made tons of stuff for my daughters girl scout bake sale Thursday.

  3. I don’t know if you got more snow today, but we sure are! It’s absolutely beautiful, though. The trees are full and it’s light and fluffy so shoveling isn’t too difficult. I think we will get 6-8 more inches of fluff the way it sounds. I agree with Staci…if it’s cold you may as well have snow to play in! It’s takes awhile to get my daycare kids ready to go outside but they come in smiling and rosy-cheeked and cute.

  4. Brrrr!

    Just looking at that picture makes me cold! It is 50 here and I have my winter coat. The Minnesota in me has definitely been replaced. :)

    It was a good idea to stay off the roads, you are the smart one. I remember tearing down the roads back when I was young and stupid going 70 with the truck in 4 wheel drive in a blinding snow storm and thinking nothing of it. It is amazing how comfortable you get driving on snow!

    I love telling people out here about Minnesotans driving on snow, ice, and frozen lakes. Or how I would go skiing in 10 below, just for the fun of it.

    The best part is when I tell them Minnesotans plug their cars in so the oil doesn’t freeze. While I was up in Bemidji the hotel I worked at was popular with Ford test drivers because we had outlets outside.

    You know you live in a harsh climate when the auto makers test their cars in your backyard. :)

  5. P.S.

    I think you should trudge out to into the field and take another picture of the farm in winter!

  6. David … that is so funny that you mentioned more pictures because right before I checked these comments and told Loren “I should really go take some more pictures but it is so much more work in the winter then the summer … all that trudging in the snow is a lot of work”. Ha! That makes me laugh. I do plan to do that. The photo I took was very far away as I went to get the mail and I only had short boots on. I might get out there today cause it sure is beautiful with the fresh stuff. :)

  7. SO, I’ve shoveled three times today just to keep up. This could be a banner year for snow. It’s still pretty, but I wonder how high the piles beside the walkway will be if this keeps up. I may have to climb on a stool to toss it up. Not really, just funnin’.

  8. Mary, did you ever read Phyllis Diller’s quote “Shoveling snow while it is still snowing is like cleaning the house while the kids are still growing” or else it’s the other way around. Either way it seems to be futile! ha

  9. No, I never read Phyllis’ quote but I love her humor. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment because I also cleaned house in the midst of the growing. :) I just like to take it a little at a time instead of trying to climb a mountain of mess or a huge pile of snow. It seems less daunting. :)

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