Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 18, 2007

Frosty … but not the snowman

This past weekend we had beautiful frost and on Sunday after Mass I trudged out (in church clothes) before it disappeared.  I just love this frost.  I know what it is called but I hate the word so I am just calling it frost!  :) 








When I mentioned to Loren that I really wanted to get a shot of a big cobweb on the barn because it was so huge and he looked at me and said “are you sure it isn’t a cord or something?” and so I pointed it out from the house and he said “oh wow …. yeah that is huge, you sure that you want people to see that since we shouldn’t really have that big of a cobweb?”.   But I think it is cool so someone else must agree with me. 



  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, Steph! I love them all, and I had to laugh at Loren’s comment about the giant ‘cobweb’……who in the world dusts their barn??!! :) I don’t even get my walls and ceilings cobweb free. :)

    I was also wondering how big that spider was!

  2. I love the cobweb too. We have them no matter if I dust daily or not….though I don’t dust daily. And I certainly don’t dust the out buildings. All the pictures are so peaceful and beautiful looking. I once described some old bent trees that were covered in frost as being old men with gray hair. My daughter said I was nuts but that’s what they reminded me of. I love that heavy frost, more rare than snow so more mystical I think.

  3. If you look real close in that web I think I see the letters:


    That is some very pretty lady of ill repute frost.


  4. whore frost is cool! HA I will write it! Reminds me of your wedding day! You made it through the transitional year! Congrats sister!

  5. So mom called to tell me that the correct spelling is Hoar Frost … and I totally thought it was the other way. Ha. :) Here is the actual definition just cause I was curious to make sure that Mom’s spelling was right.

    “Hoar frost is the tiny solid deposition of water vapor from saturated air which occurs when the temperature of the surfaces is below freezing point. It occurs generally with clear skies.”

    So even with the correct spelling and the definition which is no where near what the term “hoar” brings to mind, I still don’t like it and I will stick to Just Frost. :)

  6. What gorgeous photos! They remind me of pictures I used to see in “Country” magazine (which I haven’t read for years but always loved). And of course they also make me homesick for Minnesota!

    You know, I wouldn’t call that simply a cobweb….don’t you think it looks like a spider web? Like maybe an old, deserted one? We had a gorgeous one just outside our sliding glass door. When the deck light was on at night, it shined and shimmered like spun glass. Sadly, the Terminex guy swept it down on his last visit. :(

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  7. And now we see why I keep coming back to your blog–interesting anecdotes AND visually uplifting/stimulating art (photos). Good job!

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