Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 20, 2007

Pretty Wreaths … but not fun to make …

Yesterday I made these …


Yep, they sure do look good huh?  … too bad they are such a pain to make!  I think that what happens is that I forget that in order for them to look so delicious and fun, you gotta do the work!  The process is relatively easy of course but the problem comes in when your fingers need to mold the wreath … cause they are sticky and a bit warm … not a great combination.  In the end it was fine cause I got a little bit of water in a cup and that did the trick and really … they are pretty and quite yummy.  I made them for a friend for Christmas cause they are her favorite and she got all but 2 … Loren and I each ate one … you know to test them out and made sure that they were good and not going to kill her.  My Dad taught me that and so I like to follow his lead with being the official “tester” of treats. 



The bummer is that it turns out that these are one of Loren’s ALL TIME favorite Christmas treat.  That’s too bad for him since I don’t know that they will be made any time too soon.  When I told him that the one he received today would be all he got, he said “until tomorrow right? … when you made more?”.  I said “ummm … probably not, cause they are not fun to make and are pretty much a pain.”  He said “no they aren’t!” and I said “have you made them?” and he said “yep … we used to make them all the time when we were little (short pause) but then again, (looking over the treats) ours sure didn’t look that good.  I think that I pretty much made a pile of green goo and added some red hot’s.”  Yeah, that would explain it. 



The recipe indicates on the bottom the following … “a great recipe for you and your children to make together”.  Sorry futures kiddo’s (God willing) this Mom won’t be making the extra effort … but just maybe your Dad will make some piles of green goo with red hot’s with you sometime.  :)



  1. Hey, Poofer! I got a kick out of your entry today. I’m thinking you could probably just make some for Loren using the ‘old family tradition’ of just making the green blobs and make it quick, easy, and familiar to him.

    You did a great job, though. They actually look like wreaths! They just need some little bows made out of red ‘licorice’ whips.

  2. I love the step-by-step photos and instructions; you could have your own cooking show! You’re halfway there with this blog! :)

  3. Those are cute! Are they like Rice Krispy treats? What is the green goo made of? By the way, I was wondering if I could come live at your house next Christmas. I’m not much trouble…but I would have to bring my cat. We really like goodies, and it looks as though they are plentiful at your house! :o)

  4. Oh, I remember those! I haven’t had one of those treats since I lived in Minnesota! Ladies used to make them for Christmas parties at church.

    Poofer, you inspire me to get in my kitchen and get going on some of the goodies I’ve been planning to make this holiday.

    I wonder what will be next?!

  5. Sarah … pretty easy recipe actually. Just 4 cups of cornflakes, 1/4 cup melted butter, one bag (10 oz.) marshmellows, a teaspoon vanilla and a little green food coloring. Sure, you can come live with us … you are welcome anytime. :)

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