Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 31, 2007

Pizza Love


So yesterday was our anniversary … Loren being the great husband that he is, made me a homemade pizza that was shaped (sorta shaped) like a heart.  I did have to suggest it but he did it more then willingly so that counts for something I figure.  :)  I call it Pizza Love.  Incase you wanted to be here and experience the love … take a gander at the photo’s  … it will feel just like you were here watching like I did.


First he made the crust … from scratch with whole wheat flour of course! … then the heart making took place.  I asked him as I watched, if he would ever had thought that he would be making a heart shaped pizza … he said “ummm … no I don’t know that I did.”  and I said … “oh well what a great thing to say that you have done huh? Not every man can say that!”  Oddly enough there was not a response.  Good thing I think that I am funny.  :) 


The sauce came next which I made this summer and canned … it really is a yummy pizza sauce.   I love how he is using a fork.    When I told him that I thought it was funny he said “why?, what do you use?” and I said “a spoon”.  His reply … “oh, well a fork is more efficient”.  I said “how?” … he said “the fork was already dirty.”  Huh? … that is some pretty fancy reasoning don’t you think? 


Then came the cheese … yum!


Lot’s of cheese … my favorite part! 


Two kinds even … am I special or what?  :)


Loren’s side was piled with red peppers,  fresh tomato, and onion … yuck.   My pretty plain side looks much better I think. 


A little wine, a little pizza and a pretty great 1st anniversary.  I have no comparison of course but when you get pizza love, what more do you need?



  1. Forgive me for saying, but I think that your husband’s side of the pizza looks far more tempting! Just ask my kids–I’m a fan of ALL the yucky stuff (mushrooms, onions, black olives) and as such usually have an entire half a pizza to myself! :)

    Happy Anniversary, by the way! And may you be blessed with many, many more.

  2. Looks yummy! In 11 years of marriage, I don’t think I’ve ever received a heart pizza. But then, I haven’t made one either.

    I tried to post a Happy Anniversary message yesterday, but it didn’t work. So a belated Happy Anniversary!

  3. Did you watch Mystic Pizza while dining on your romantic pizza?

  4. Omigosh! I’ll bet Loren got a little drunk. Alchohol is his weakness. Never was able to keep the refrigerator full enough of wine, beer and schnaps. He also would sneak from my Vodka in the basement.

  5. Margaret … I actually do like toppings just not the tomatoes and the peppers and onions were too big. :) If we would have had black olives and mushrooms I would have been all over that.

    Diane … thanks so much! You might have to ask for a heart shaped pizza like I did in order to receive it. :)

    Allison … Ha. We didn’t watch any movie … good idea though.

    Leo … Funny but obviously not true (just so that all you people who really don’t know Loren understand that the man NEVER touches alchohol) … he had about one sip … that was why there was only one glass. :) (mine) Ha.


    That looks like a great pizza…..I would have eaten the whole thing :-)

    I have been awol for awhile so I have a lot to catch up with.

    Have a Happy New Year!!

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