Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 3, 2008

First Shift Farm Wife

Now that Loren is working during the day on first shift I have more “farm chores” to do and a little more responsibility.  Nothing I can’t handle of course!  :)   Work outside is very limited in the cold and snowy months of Minnesota so keep that in mind when you think “wow … that is all she has to do and she is sorta whining about it?”.  Ha.  For the record I am not whining at all … but sometimes when I tell a story it sounds like I am and truthfully, sometimes I truly am whining, but this time I am not.    Thankfully our small “rodent” issue in the chicken coop has been taken care of and so my fear of the chickens and their little abode are lessened. 

I have 4 trips to the chicken coop in my day now.   Here is the routine …

8:30am – make sure that their water cans have not frozen.


Unfortunately I have forgotten this chore the last two mornings … I tend to like to fall asleep when the house is dark and quiet! … strange I know.  :)  But they all survived when I broke the water at 10:30am.  The above photo however shows some pretty thirsty hens when they discovered that there was “un-frozen” water. 

10:30am – drain soaked grain and fill both feed trough’s & check for eggs.



12:30pm – check for eggs

2:30pm – scatter whole corn so that they search for it and break up the bedding and manure and check for eggs.   “Clean feet means clean eggs” … that is a little ditty that I made up … pretty clever new farm wife huh?




 This is my favorite chore because the chickens love the corn and I am their new best friend when I start to throw it around.  Loren said “throw it all-over, you can hit the chickens with it, throw it wherever you can cause they will work to find it.”  So I do … I throw it high and long and they scatter around trying to see where it landed.  It is pretty fun to watch.   You can see a chicken in the picture flying down to get a piece. 

In the end, the chores aren’t too bad and it breaks up the day.  I do plan to get those poor thirsty chickens more water in the future however, but this first shift farm wife needs a tad more adjusting time I guess.




  1. I have always wanted to raise chickens (I love farm fresh eggs!) but fear that my city-girl ignorance will lead to premature chicken deaths . . . . thanks to your blog, I’m learning stuff I need to know! :)

  2. Just over a year on the farm and you are playing with the chickens!

    I am proud of you sis, although I am pretty sure you “accidentally hit them” with the corn on every toss and make little shotgun noises. :)

  3. Your Hens are so pretty. I, too, would love to have some….darn ordinances against farm animals! If I say they are a pet, doesn’t that make them a pet….hmmmm……

  4. Not only are they beautiful, but their eggs taste wonderful. After seeing the chores you do every day in order to collect those eggs, I’m thinking they could be priced too low! I’m glad you have come so far against your fear of chickens. Good observation, David! :)

  5. I miss my chickens!! :( And their eggs. But not the cleaning of the chicken coop. ha

  6. LaDonna … I am as “city girl” as they come and I can manage the chickens. Of course I don’t really do it all, but we also have 50 hens which is a lot. You could do it I am sure. Nothing beats the eggs. :)

    Brother David … you make me laugh. Ha. I honestly don’t make the gunshot sounds but there have been a more then a few moments of joy over the fact that I get to throw stuff at them and they think that I am being nice. :) Ha.

    Rosie … I am sorry that you can’t have chickens! Bummer. My sister-in-law has wanted them in-town for years as well and each summer around her birthday we are tempted to bring a few little baby chicks … they would be a “gift” afterall and you have to accept that … even with the city ordinance.

    Mom … I make the chores seem harder then they are I think. :) And like you said, the eggs are wonderful so what little work it is, is well worth it for healthy and yummy eggs.

    Aunt Jeri … yeah that cleaning of the chicken coop is for the birds. Ha. Fortunately I haven’t had to do that in my short time as new farm wife … I fear that the days are closing in on me. Tomorrow we might be in the cow barn cleaning up thier home … gross! I would take chicken poo over cows anyday I think. :)

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