Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 4, 2008

Hangman and lure of the fake family

Instead of heading to bed early like we were “supposed” to last night as a result of our new first shift family status … we played a game.  We thought about playing Scrabble (one of our favorites) since it was still on the table from New Years Eve but instead Loren took a look in the games cabinet.  We have lots of old and boring games in there.  But his eyes landed on this one …


Hangman … have you ever seen this game?  I found it at a second hand store on our way to Wisconsin last summer on a short “girls road trip” with my friends Kim and Martha.  There is still the .79 cent price tag on the “dad’s” sweater. 

It is a terribly boring game.  When I found the game that hot summer day while rummaging through other peoples junk I was mistakenly fooled by the obvious fake happy family on the cover as well.  We did play one game while on our little road trip and it didn’t proved to be any more fun with the plastic game then a piece of paper and a pencil.  One issue with it is that your opponent can see your letters through the tiles, which is no fun.  I have since realized that we can play without putting all the letters up right away as the directions indicate and just the ones that are chosen. 

After Loren’s suggestion I said “umm … that is a really boring game!” and he said “well, the cover sure does make it look fun!  Are you sure it is boring cause they really look happy playing it?”  Who can argue with that sort of logic?  So we played it.  There are lots of letter tiles missing but we managed to make some words. 


There is a dial in the center that you turn when your opponent misses a letter and you slowly hang the poor cowboy.  I assume that they no longer make this game because it isn’t very nice.  I have always sorta wondered about the premise of the game that I have played since I was young … but there is something fun about it … it at least passes the time. 


We played 3 rounds and the last two Loren decided to use good old “brilliant” … which we decided was not very fair.  It was on the table however with the scrabble game and he was apparently just checking spelling on a word … but then a much more complicated word struck his eye and he thought it would be fun to test it out.  There was too much temptation with a dictionary right at his side I guess.


In the end it wasn’t too terrible to play … I do still however like the paper and pencil method with the hand drawn images better … but with a cover like this, it is easy to get pulled in don’t you agree?    


Let me know if you wanna borrow it!  I am sure it will be collecting dust around here for awhile again.  :) 



  1. They still make the Hangman game. My kids have it around here somewhere. We always played the way you did…putting up the tiles as the other person guessed the letters. And you’re right, it is boring and it brings back memories of English classes when we had time to kill. The teachers always made us play Hangman.

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