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Do as I say … not as I do!

We have TWO potlucks tomorrow at church … same church, same people, but TWO different events … one in the morning after Mass and one in the evening.  I have a hard enough time coming up with something for one potluck on a given Sunday but two is a bit much.   After hemming and hawing for at least a week … I have mentioned that the winter months leave me with little to do right? … so all week I have  been thinking and thinking only to come up with nothing.  I did decide that deviled eggs would work for the “brunch potluck” since we have eggs and everyone likes deviled eggs and my mom got Loren this cool deviled egg carrier for Christmas.  It works great … we used it already for New Years. 


But my evening potluck dilemma was still around … I just couldn’t think of anything. 

Finally this afternoon Loren took the bull by the horns so to speak and took hamburger out of the freezer and said “let’s just do the meatballs”.  See, the issue with the meatballs is that I JUST did them last month … people remember that stuff you know and I have a reputation to uphold.  But since that was pretty much my only option I decided that it would be fine and maybe people wouldn’t snicker at me behind my back.  Of course they wouldn’t … they are good people, but I just like to be more creative then meatballs two months in a row.  To make myself feel better I decided to double up on the evening potluck and bring something sweet along with the “you so made those last month meatballs”.  

One of my favorite bars are my great-aunt Ruth’s Coconut Layer Bars.  Now … any recipe that has “great-aunt” attached to it HAS to be good.  Oh and are they yummy.  She used to always  bring them to family functions … it was her “thing” to bring to a gathering (sorta like my meatballs are! Ha.).  I remember her bars would be carefully placed in a round tin with the layers of bars separated by wax paper and they were almost always cold … or still a bit frozen … apparently she stored them in the freezer.  But they were always good.  Since I have brought these bars “here & there” in the past year, mostly to square dancing … yep that’s right ladies and gentleman … it’s been said aloud … we are square dancers.  Now you will have to wait for a post on that sometime but I figure it needs pictures and we haven’t been able to get to many dances with Loren working second shift so you will just have to wait!  But anyway, the little old square dancing folks really love the bars and so I figured that since I haven’t brought them to church yet, it might be my ticket to a successful potluck. 

I had to run to town because I failed at making mayonnaise … our second attempt and now we have both failed … stay at the edge of your seats for that riveting post someday!  Sigh.  Ok so I went to town to get mayo for the deviled eggs and was smart enough to realize that I needed sweetened condensed milk … that is one point for me! Whoo-hoo.  I made it home with my two little items shortly before the little Corner Marker closed.  You probably think that I am trying to be funny by calling it the corner market but it really is called that.  You gotta love little towns … they tend to tell it like it is … and yes it is on a corner! 

The deal with these delicious brownies is that there are three layers.  Three ways for me to mess up as I like to put it.  Sadly, this time I actually did just that … three times is bad … but good if you have a blog and have readers that might think that it is somewhat humorous. 

First layer …


½ cup butter – 1 ½ cup sugar – 3 eggs – 1 cup flour – 3 tablespoons cocoa

*mix well and place in a greased 9×13 pan

*bake for 25 minutes in a pre-heated 350 degree oven.

*take out of oven and let cool before adding second layer


So you might be thinking … “how the heck could she mess up such a simple recipe?”.  Well, turns out that I read ½ cup sugar … and discovered that I was missing a whole cup of sugar in the base of the brownies … after I put them in the oven.  And worse yet … I only put 1/3 cup to start with cause we usually skimp a bit on the sugar around here.  I quickly took them out of the oven and sprinkled the forgotten sugar and top and mixed it in the pan.  Good grief … I am a dork … someone had to say it, might was well be me.


Second layer …


1 can sweetened condensed milk – 2 cups coconut

*mix together and place on first cool layer of brownies

*bake for 15 minutes in 350 degree oven.

Alright so you gotta be wondering how I messed this up right?  Well, I didn’t really mess it up as much as I was “not properly prepared” to make these bars.  I was out of coconut … sorta. I had some that I had attempted to toast before our “candy making extravaganza” in mid December.  I had an issue where I over cooked it a bit … or you could say that I burned it back then and decided that I would use it someday for us because we can handle a little imperfection around here, and we honestly thrive on it, and because I hate to throw semi-edible food away, especially something sweet.  My corner market was by now closed and I decided that I had to use it.  The recipe DOES NOT call for toasted coconut (or even burned coconut) … but this layer had it.  The layer should be a nice bright white color.   I don’t know about you, but to me it looks a bit like wild rice hotdish or casserole depending upon which side of the tracks you are from.  But if you cover anything up with sweetened condensed milk it has to turn out ok right?


Third layer …


1 cup sugar – 6 tablespoons butter – 6 tablespoons milk – 1 cup of chocolate chips

*bring sugar, butter & milk to boil for 1 minute

*add chocolate chips

*poor over second layer


Sounds simple right?, and I did actually do pretty good on this one except that I had run out of white sugar and used half brown and half white … so I don’t know if this layer will be exactly right but heck, each layer has some sortof variety … it just wouldn’t be right if the top layer was perfection.  Oh and I also didn’t quite watch my “pot of goo” as it was boiling so I don’t really know how close to “boil for 1 minute” that I got!  Oops.

So there you have it … how NOT to make these delicious layer brownies.  I would recommend that you follow the recipe and not follow how I attempted to make them!  :) 

I am not sure how they will taste … probably fine?  They take forver to cool and I have attempted to cut them early more then once so I am restraining for now.  I will “test” them before we serve them to friends however and I am going to guess that they will be just fine.  I suppose that we’ll know if everyone else thought that they were ok if we hear about the next potluck before or after it takes place! 



  1. Gosh, this is one funny story! Maybe especially if you’ve made the bars before….the second layer really does look like wild rice hot dish. :) I’m sure they’ll turn out fine because the chips are in the frosting and may help if you didn’t boil it long enough. You just make me laugh. Thanks for the bright spot in my evening.

  2. On one hand you could be labeled “The meatball lady”.

    On the other hand, you may be labeled “The wild rice hotdish brownie lady”.

    Tough call.

  3. Thanks for the laugh, it so sounds like something I would have done! Waiting to hear how it all turned out. I used to make some interesting substitutions because driving 15 miles to get something I was out of wasn’t really a good option. I’ve made brown sugar out of molasses and white sugar many times, or used brown sugar for white sugar. Little different taste but hey…we’re not too picky. :)

  4. I laughed out loud at the wild rice hotdish–it looked exactly like that.

    Hope they turned out good!

  5. […] since you probably read the “brownie making drama” from the other night … I should admit that I did not cook my frosting long enough so […]

  6. Where did your mom buy this great egg carrier?

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