Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 7, 2008

Two Potluck Sunday Update

We survived our busy two potluck Sunday yesterday.  I thought that I would post a couple pictures of my “potluck fare” … the meatballs however refused to be photographed.  I have given up fighting with them … seems a little ridiculous that I spent as much time and energy as I did photographing cooked meat.  Sorry folks, you’ll have  to use your imagination. 

The eggs … I didn’t mess up the eggs … well, they were a bit salty (I have issues with salt measuring) but they were not too bad.  They were long gone by the time we made it through the line.   The beauty of a potluck is that you have no idea what you are really putting on your plate until you are sitting with another 8 people and have to grin and bear it … especially since you have no idea if the dish you would like to complain about came from one of your fellow diners sitting to your left and right! 


Well, since you probably read the “brownie making drama” from the other night … I should admit that I did not cook my frosting long enough so it didn’t really harden up and had a yucky grainy texture.  Oh well!  They ended up “looking” pretty good at least and nobody was the wiser about the drama that came along with this particular potluck item.  :) 


Oh and to top off the potluck chaos that was my weekend, the meatballs “looked” great but they were soooo salty that I can barely eat them.  Nice huh?  Oh, and also … 4 people brought meatballs on Sunday night!  Four! … I knew that I wasn’t supposed to make meatballs. 



  1. Maybe next time everything will be salted just right and your baking will be just like Betty Crocker herself resides in your kitchen. :) If not, you’ll just be like the rest of us! As many times as you two go to potlucks, you’ll certainly get plenty of practice!! I’ve never had 2 in one day, and I’ve been around a long time as you well know. Have a great day with the chickens.

  2. Potlucks They always sound like a good idea until you actually go to them. You can never get it right either it is all meat dishes or all sweets!! Then I usually gross myself out by looking at the people that are there and thinking yuck they made something they haven’t washed in 3 weeks. I know that sounds bad but true!! At the church ones we are ALWAYs last through the line because by the time I round up all 4 children and the husband everyone else is done eating!!!!

  3. People around here call them a “PotBless”. I used to think they were trying to sound spiritual, but I have come to understand it is a pre-prayer of safety.

    At least your stuff looked like food.

  4. We are pretty fortunate to have good food with the exception of my “tad too bit salty” entree’s … and, we have a very small community so you can pretty much trust whatever you see. :) We are always last in line because we try our best to be hospitable to let others go through first and often we are helping put everything out. On Sunday night one of the older ladies I was helping snatched a yummy brownie for me before they were gone cause I was saying how good they looked. See… good people I tell ya!

  5. HA HA HA HA HA HA! This is too funny! Two potlucks! Salty meatballs! I hear you about measuring salt—I always have my husband add the salt to stuff anymore because I end up putting too much and ruining it! Go figure, right? Thanks for the laugh.

  6. I have to agree with Staci, I’ve always been afraid of eating food when I don’t know who’s cooked it. Silly perhaps, but it’s just how I am. I always used to ask people I knew what they brought…that was safest! Laughing at the “pre-prayer of safety”!!

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