Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 9, 2008

Have you missed them?

I realized that I haven’t been out to visit the steers and Corrine for a long time.  It took me two days but I finally got an “ok” picture of each of them for you.  If anyone ever tells you that cattle are easy to photograph … I am sorry, but they are lying to you! 


Corrine… our “head” lady around these parts … you don’t really wanna mess with this mama.   Oh, and she does not like her picture taken … I don’t know if it is because she is feeling “puffy” due to her pregnancy or if she is just camera shy?


Peter is our number 1 steer but he is so sweet.  I wonder how he won the “strongest and toughest” award when all he wants to do is play, but he is the head of the steers … Corrine still pushes him around (literally … it always shocks me when she is so mean) but to the other “boys” he is head man. 


Paul is sweet too but the shy one … it rare that he gives me the time of day so I was happy to get this shot of him … normally he completely ignores me and acts as though I am a huge nuisance trying to capture his handsome looks. 


Baby Caleb as I still call him … I don’t know that he is a huge fan of the name but I just can’t help it.  Caleb is pretty mild but he is a srong, strong calf … and cute as far as calves are concerned in my humble opionion. 


Poor Charlie … Our Charlie is the lowest on the rung around here.  I am not a huge far of the animal worlds precking order but it is just they way it is.  He is little and skittish but he is Loren’s favorite I think … he really feels bad for the little guy.  I think that he looks sad … probably cause he is a little bit but he brightens up with he see’s Loren … he doesn’t like me so much.  

Have you noticed a theme here where these four legged animals don’t like me much? I don’t know that I will worry terribly over it or anything but I might just have to try and visit a bit more often … and maybe next time I will bring food.  :)

Thanks for visiting with Corrine and the boys! 



  1. Maybe if you gave them some of your bars they would like you:) I was going to suggest the meatballs too but realized that would be like cannibalism.

    They are so beautiful in the winter with the extra reddish fluff on them and their white markings as well. I’m glad you were able to get a good photo of each of them, but baby Caleb is my favorite little doll of a steer.

  2. Mom … I almost put that I should maybe bring some of my famous meatballs! Oh that would have been funny. But I decided not everyone would think it was as funny as me … I should have known that you would. :) Ha.

  3. I love your bovine :-) Corrine really does have that “don’t mess with me” look in her eyes, doesn’t she?

    Have the Best of Days………Rosie

  4. Poofer,

    You do realize you have to eat them right?

    They are so adorable. I have become more tempted to go vegetarian as the years go by and looking into the eyes of Caleb and Charlie makes me that much closer.

    I can’t even eat ground beef anymore because it makes me physically sick. It doesn’t help that we print much of the Peta literature out here, so perhaps I have sabotaged myself.

    Chicken and fish are our primary meat sources but knowing what I do about their life is causing fits in my brain as well.

    I am not saying you are doing anything wrong. Giving your cattle a good life is a divine thing as everything must die. There is something spiritual about an animal giving its life to sustain ours, and I know you and Loren respect the animals in your care. You have a true husband.

    All I know is I am much too sensitive to be a farmer, so thank God you and Loren are doing it!

  5. They all have such expressive facial features. Much more interesting to look at than the plain Black Angus cattle we have in the lots. Food will make them like you more. They’re just funny like that.

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