Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 13, 2008

Forever Christmas

Should this bother me? 


So it is the 13th of January … close to the 14th and my house pretty much still looks like it did the last weekend of November when Christmas arrived.  I don’t know if I should even be sharing this with you because by now I gotta be the only person left with a Christmas house.  I will admit that there is a part of me that thinks it is bad that I have put off the whole “taking Christmas down” event, but also a part of me that sorta likes that it is still up. 

For weeks now I have been saying “oh I better plug the tree in cause it might be the last night I can!”.  I love it when the tree is lit … it is just pretty.  But seriously, it is January … and almost MID January and it is somewhat ridiculous that Christmas is still here.  I had to check for dust before I snapped a couple pictures.  But, my cards are still here …


and Baby Jesus is here too … two spots actually, one place under the cards and on the buffet. 


There are snowmen and stockings and candy canes on the decorated tree. 


Sigh.  I don’t know … maybe in some strange way I am a part of a cool elite club? … or else I am just a true to the bone procrastinator. 

But … here is proof that I have started the process …


my kitchen is no longer Christmas and so there has been some progress with the process of becoming “Christmas-less”.  And really, my goal is to get rid of Christmas this week, but I am making no promises … cause really, aren’t we supposed to carry Christmas in our heart all year?, seems to me that it would be easier to do that with all the visuals.  Though I gotta admit that there is something quite wrong about a dusty baby Jesus laying in a manger. 



  1. I had to be in the mood to put it all away … considering it’s a couple hours job. Of course, for me that means starting at oh 11:30 at night :)

  2. It might be easier if you just dust baby Jesus. :) Maybe you could just leave it up and put Easter eggs on it before too long…doesn’t lent start Feb. 6th? :)

  3. Considering your Christmas gifts are still in our dining room, I think this is perfect!

  4. Some people say you should keep your Christmas decorations up until Candlemas on Feb. 2 ( I believe this is traditional in much of Europe) so you still have plenty of time.

  5. We sent your gifts out today. They should get there in about 5 days, I think.

    Hope you enjoy–and I think your tree looks perty!

  6. I generally take my stuff down the day after Christmas because my house is so small that I can no longer tolerate having all the furniture askew to make room for the tree. I do love sitting at night when the kids are all asleep and just looking at the pretty lights and colors though.

    Of course you could do what my mother always used to do and just slide the whole tree, still decorated, into a closet and shut the door on it until next year. Ha!

  7. My philosophy is to never bother to decorate for Christmas – then you never have to take the stuff down…love all the photos of the cows!!

  8. Growing up, we always left the tree up until after Greek Orthodox Christmas (Jan. 7) even though we weren’t GO. Now I take stuff down on New Years because everyone is home to help. Later than that and I’d have to do it all myself.

  9. Just means you get to enjoy the spirit of Christmas that much longer!

  10. […] and Coffee Fabric It happened … Forever Christmas of 2007 finally was packed up and stored away this past weekend.  It was sortof hard to see it go […]

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