Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 15, 2008

Past Stitches

I realized today that I hadn’t ever posted my Christmas Embroidered Towels of 2007 … sorry Mom!  I have been known to break a promise or two but I really just spaced it this time.  But I remembered so that is what matters right?  :) 

The “remembering” occurred for 2 reasons today.  One of those reasons is that I just got home from my second Chiropractor appointment in the past week trying to put my hip back where it belongs after sitting in my “stitching” position for 3 straight weeks in December.   But I think that I am all straight again which is a huge relief cause I don’t like much pain and this was no fun.  I also was thinking about doing some stitches since it is freezing around these Minnesota parts today … and apparently for days to come and I thought it might pass the time.  We’ll see.   After I re-sized all my pictures I am again reminded of how much work one little simple towel actually is.   

So here you go … these might not interest all of my many readers (you know … all 6 of you) so if you are one that could care less about stitched towels then you don’t have to look at the pictures and you don’t have to tell me what a fantastic job I did … cause I got my Mom for that!  :)  It’s always good to have a Mom (if she is nice like mine) in your corner. 

I did a few (6 total) holiday ones … I really liked these, but they were a big design and they took a lot of time to finish.


towel5.jpg  towel14.jpg

 towel13.jpg  towel12.jpg

And some “fun” ones that I just love.  The only problem? … they are huge designs too … I will have to re-think that little word “giant” on the package next time I find some that I just can’t resist.  I think that there were 10 of these ones total with a couple repeats.

towel3.jpg towel4.jpg

towel9.jpg  towel10.jpg

towel8.jpg  towel11.jpg


And I did 8 of these much more simple ones … but I like the simple ones just as much as the ones that took forever! 

towel6.jpg  towel7.jpg


The cherry one above is a good example of my “suddenly vintage” towels!  I wasn’t making it up … there were some really yellow ones. 

So there you have it … the towels of 2007 … may they be used to dry many dishes. And if they went to my siblings, then may they be used to mop up many spills as well … and may your spouse not yell at you!  Remember, it isn’t our fault that we were raised with a “rag drawer” and any cloth was fair game to clean up a mess … even if it is apparently a “good” dish towel. Someday I will have to post about that whole “raised with a rag drawer and married to someone raised with ‘special towels’ that are only to be looked at and not used”. Ha.

Have a good day everyone. :)



  1. OK, Steph. You caused me to remember (I forgot you even made that promise on Christms!) :) Then you made my heart swell with emotion over your kind words about your mom and brought tears to my eyes. The holiday towels with their cute little girls brought back memories of my own little ones out in the snow, but the Christmas tree was usually being UNdecorated for a few years! I missed seeing the monkey and the giraffe that day in all the chaos of gift-opening. They are all so nice. It’s always a pleasure to read your entries, just as it is to be your mother.

  2. Way to go Poofer – you made Mom cry. :)

    I am with you on the whole “Special Towels” designation.


    Finally having a few “Special Towels” I can see why people freak out when you use them for the wrong thing.

    BTW; thanks for the pretty dish towels, they did a great job cleaning off the lawnmower.

  3. Love your stories and your families remarks :-)

    Personally I still have my rag bin in a very handy spot so I do have some pretty towels left without stains. HA!

  4. oh my…how BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’ve been trying to learn hand embroidery with many failed attempts. I can sew up a storm on a machine, but when it comes to hand work, I am struggling–perhaps because I am left-handed and all the books are written for righties…LOL

    WOW…I only wish I could produce what you do!

    Way to go!

    With friendship,

  5. I, number five of your six readers, love to see stitching projects. In fact you reminded me that I have two dozen towels and transfers sitting in a bag waiting and waiting for me to do something with them. So I dug them out the other day just to look at them, you know, so they don’t feel forgotten. And you’ll never guess what happened inside that bag….they became antiqued!

    Anyway the towels are delightful. And I especially love the ones with the little girl.

    I hope your hip feels better soon. Amazing what we go through for our families isn’t it?!

  6. Very nice, Stephanie! I love the giraffe. I haven’t embroidered in years. I’ll put that on my “when I’m retired I’m going to…” list. :)

  7. I just wanted to prove that there is a seventh reader.

  8. I love the vintage look of all the towels, but the Christmas ones are my favorite. The little girl is so sweet.

  9. Looks like I am reader #9!!!

  10. These are so gorgeous, Poofer! Thanks for sharing the photos. You’ve inspired me to do as Aunt Jeri has done and put embroidering dish towels on my “someday” to-do list!

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