Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday … with some words.


Thankfully this picture doesn’t represent today … at least not yet!  It is still early however.  :)  This little “incident” happened a couple weeks ago.  It was completely my fault … one of those “how quickly can I close and open the fridge without anything falling” days.  I hate a full fridge.  Well, I should say that I hate a full disorganized fridge.  Having  enough food to eat is all good … but when I dread opening it to find a spot for something, then I don’t really care so much for it.   So this day I got a little “chancy” and had the applesauce teetering a bit more then I should have and well, gravity did it’s thing.   Oh, and incase you were wondering … it wasn’t fun to cleanup … but it did smell delicious. 



  1. I’m hoping Tina will come on and tell you her salsa-dropping story . . .

  2. A perfect time to use a good towel!

  3. David…how diabolical! :O

  4. At least the jar didn’t break!

  5. David … OH THAT IS FUNNY! Cause really, I almost did just grab the towel on the fridge! Well, I almost always do, but this time I stopped and grabbed a rag instead. Ha. :) That makes me laugh.

  6. All right, so Tina didn’t come and post her story. She did two huge batches of salsa last year, put all the jars in a huge Sterilite tub and brought them downstairs. As she was lifting them onto a shelf above her washing machine, she dropped the tub. Luckily, the tub stayed closed, but she broke every single jar of salsa. I can’t remember how many, but I’m thinking it was around 2 dozen or so. Ugh. And after all that chopping.

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